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  • ebitda_smebitda ebitda_smebitda Oct 6, 2002 5:52 PM Flag

    A Good Buy

    There's nothing wrong with this company that won't be resolved in due time. Unlike a lot of organizations out there, LabCorp is not on the verge of collapse.

    There are three issues I'm aware of which are contributing to the sudden stock drop:

    1)Decreased revenues from cost cutting in the Carolinas.
    2)Union activity nationwide.
    3)Lingering issues with the Dynacare purchase.

    Each of these will be dealt with in due time. Over the last few years, this company has proven itself to be competitive and quality concious at the same time.

    Right now, the price is a bargain. Anyone who gets in now and holds for a few years is going to make a bundle, IMO.

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    • LH has a strong future given the way the health care system is moving. does anyone think that health care will curtain laboratory tests in the future? due to the ligitigous nature of health care these days, laboratory tests will only continue to increase.

      LH has positioned themselves as a leader in this area. there is tremendous growth here. the overreaction was largely due to many mutual funds being cashed out. so many poor performances has lead to many companies dumping the likes of fidelity, prudential, investco etc.... the overreaction may take time to correct and the best time to get in is when everyone is selling. LH has issues to resolve but take a look at PG. good companies knocked down for temporary reasons makes for a great buying opportunity.

      LH will definitely be over $30 by xmas.

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