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  • bottman20012001 bottman20012001 Apr 25, 2003 6:49 AM Flag


    On this LH board your #3 is wrong. Get real. Join reality. Don't be nieve'to think mgm't doesn't address the numbers to target long tem, high priced employees doing the same job as short term employees. They can save almost 50% per.

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    • At least you put it calmly Bottman, as opposed to darthtrader who obviously was one of the ineffective and is bitter.

      My perspective isn't one of naivete, just experience. Unfortunately, the tendency on the message board is to listen to the loudest voice, which will not help anyone's investment strategy one iota.

      LabCorp is a great company and run by a very competent CEO with a proven record. CEO compensation is an active subject in the media and here, so I will change no minds on the chat board. MacMahon has lead this company, with a team of management, from the doldrums to success and high profile.

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      • I don't think that "dulles2delaware" is capable of grasping the concept. This corporation has very limited competition,low cost of operation, extremely low wages, no unions (Yet),lots of cash, and very poor morale. A chimp with a fresh basket of bananas could run this company as well as a CEO that can give himself a 1000% raise while screwing the employees out of every last nickel. If this type of corporate arrogance is what you want for the future of your nation, look back at the history books around 1200 A.D. That was when they had fiefdoms, castles, serfs, and peasants. The rich get richer and the rest won't have a pot left to Piss in. I agree with you about not listening to the loudest voice. Don't listen to me. Just look at the U.S. economy. Read the papers. Look at the unemployment rates. And most of all look at the executive compensation. The average CEO is now making 400-1200 times that of the average employee. That is up from 100-200 times not to long ago. And if he does'nt succeed who cares? He will just take his money and play golf. We are rewarding these execs handsomely for moving more and more operations to Mexico, Taiwan, and China. we are rewarding these execs for laying off tens of thousands of employees just to make their annual bonuses. How long will it take them to figure out that the more people that are out of work the more overall effect it will have on this economy and the ruination of the country. I am a large investor but I am very worried about the economy. Our present system of rewarding CEO's for every penny increase in the stock price at the expense of all these jobs is putting us in a Death Spiral. Remember that every one of these jobs that has been lost because of either moving a job overseas or a RIF adds more people to the government hand out rolls, means less taxes collected and less money spent in this country on goods and services. Can you explain to me how that is good for this country dulles2delaware??? Show me that hidden wisdom...

      • LabCorp is a cash truck that was headed straight for the ditch. MacMahon grabbed the wheel and is holding it in the emergency lane.

        There is so much money in this business LabCorp could probably succeed without management, especially the cigar smoking, bottom line talking frat boys who make six digit figures to sit around throwing darts at the 'experienced employees to RIF' board.

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