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  • shanbake shanbake Jan 16, 2013 8:55 PM Flag

    Lots of new contracts but new lows.

    Anyone know anything about this company. I read some articles that looked positive. I think they must have been paid marketing pieces linking them to famous tech companies. A quick look at their balance sheet tells me they are hurting and will most likely have to sell off assets if they are going to survive.

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    • I know I have owned this stock at 3$ and have watched it drop like a stone. A friend told me about it. He knew someone who worked there way back when
      I have 0% confidence that it can be turned around. Nothing shows they have the slightest idea on how to run a company. their very good at printing new stock though.
      they sign new deals and the stock goes down. That tells me one thing for sure.
      They are not signing profitable deals. In my experience that comes from sales giving away the product in order to make their commission and its deadly for the company, Sounds more like they are drumming up press releases. Probably have some blowhard salesperson telling them how great they are. Seen it before. Signing lots of deals....but what else can explain the fact they sign deals and the stock goes down?
      Notice they never say how much any of these deals are worth.
      Dont mean to be a downer cause I bought it on high hopes but I believe they will go under soon and then I can write off the whole thing, I tried to short this but you can't. I dont think they can last another 6 months. my opinion only cause I dont know anyone inside the company, just basing it on what Ive seen while following MFON.

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