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  • jimcarrera47 jimcarrera47 Apr 29, 2010 2:41 PM Flag

    Some Ideas

    What is the well head pipe,10" 500 wall? What is the pressure of the flow? Would it be possible to flatten,crush,squeez the pipe with a hydraulic porta power jig,clamp,ect? This test could be simulated on shore with the exact same pipe,at temp and pressure. Would it be possibe to drop DC welding cables with a band to heat the pipe so the metal would flow eaiser under hydraulic die pressure? Maybe a hydraulic saddle,possibly hindged,that could be installed around the pipe? Two clamps with a flexable membrane strong enough to with stand the pressure? Could the sub be capable of doing some of these possible procedures? Are BOP's tested before use? If any idea might reduce the flow by 50% or less it woud buy some time. Just some thoughts

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    • john177 Apr 29, 2010 3:13 PM Flag

      Out of my expertise, but I'll bet they are working very hard to find a solution. There will surely be some type of fine and punishment levied on BP, RIG, or both. The longer it goes the worse it will get.

      This does create a lesson for all of us. Just because accidents rarely occur, they can still devastate a company and their investors.

      This is a huge blow for RIG. The merger has gone poorly when looking at the combined assets of the merged company. On the bright side, it may lead to some management changes. They really need to show the best of breed they are famous for and challenge their workforce to right the ship.

      As much as I favor RIG longer term because of their expertise and assets for deep water drilling, I can’t see me buying any time soon. I doubt NE breaks out past 45 until the JU market turns positive on dayrates. I expect that in the summer but time will tell.


    • Sounds good. Maybe send RIG and email suggestion.

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