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  • stoxtxholdem stoxtxholdem Jun 30, 2010 10:09 AM Flag

    Load Up on Driller - Here's Why

    Obama cannot afford more unemployment, that's why. The oil workers in the Gulf are getting laid of now, but there will be so much pressure on him that as soon as the BP relief well is successful that they will lift the moratorium and drillers will take off. This is's like holding a royal flush.

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    • It is of course the unemployment but also the US cannot afford to shut down GOM deep sea drilling that is its last semi controlled oil production. From where will supply come from? From number 1 supplier Canada! I love it as a Canadian because I also invested in Suncor (SU) that, right now, is a laggard but in future is will be great. Thus, the GOM moratorium will be lifted by an pretext (e.g., human error caused the problem) and all will be back as usual. One has to remember that the US citizens want the status quo on their wasteful living style and will not give up easily.

    • john177 Jul 8, 2010 2:53 PM Flag

      That royal flush is looking very risky. The administration is not budging on the moratorium. You are up that whole dollar from 30.91 from June 30th.

    • john177 Jun 30, 2010 10:35 AM Flag

      I'll take that guarantee. I'll buy 10,000 shares and you backstop any loss I might have. I'll even give you half the gains. More magic added to the punch bowl.

    • I thought the same but I don't expect these people in DC to really care. I think they want a reason to print more cash. DId you see the way they stonewalled them yesterday? Jobs? Ha..They rather punish an entire industry for a once in 50 year occurrence. Greens are having a field day. Either way great stock l/t.

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