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  • woodfrog8 woodfrog8 Jul 8, 2010 2:31 PM Flag

    This is our president

    The Obama administration says if they do not get the decision they want in the appeal case---then they will just issue another slightly different moritorium.
    Let's see--if I don't get my way---screw the legal system ---I'll do what I want anyway.
    how many of you jerks voted for this IDIOT.
    I'll bet when he was a kid --if things didn't go his way he took his ball and went home.

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    • He had control over the courts, too. so their were no comments by the courts or the media which they also controlled.
      Going against the system in place; will get you a pair of cement shoes and a trip to the bottom of the Chicago river, as they got rid of annoying people in the old days.

      I came over to see if Petro happened to be around. his comments are so interesting. Guess I'll go see what Toby Shute is saying about the newest oil situation. But I am amazed at how the moratorium is turning the oil companies upside down. My favorite Apache has plans for Prudhoe Bay. They just bought a cng plant in Canada to reverse what we used to import and I'm thinking, to send it out to China and southeast asian markets as they have a big interest in the ng line coming from nat gas wells, here in states, to the plant in Canada Last time Apache made a much smaller move I quadrupled my stock from comp profits paid out.

    • You're a typical Bush loving, conservative ignoramus. Insofar as corruption is concerned, all politicians are corrupt. After all they're a reflection of Americana society, the most corrupt in the world. Didn't we start two pre-emptive illegal wars. Let's talk Wall Street corruption. It's all about the money. Always. And no one loves money more than Republicans.

    • or maybe he just cried "racism." OMG -- does telling the truth make me a bigot? Quick, someone call the PC police, or the Yahoo censors!!!!!

    • Carter----Ask the Iranian US Embassy personel who endured captivity for so long Or ask the US population which endured a 13plus inflation rate under Carter.
      face it no president will every decision precisely correct---we live just to hope who ever is in office doesn't screw up too much.
      the way I look at it Obama just isn't having a great year--on the economy on energy on immigration.
      And now since the courts disagree with his moratorium---lets just change it and run it up the flag pole yet again today.

    • Sure is a good thing we didn't listen to Carter. We could be energy independent today. Yes, that would be horrible.

      No. We had to elect Reagan, who took down the solar heaters Carter installed on the White House and never mentioned energy independence again. Yes. That was so much better. Especially when he ran up massive amounts of debt and de-regulated the financial industry which led to the S&L scandal.

      Yep. Carter sucked.

    • "Sad to say, but China’s approach to economics has the current advantage in its approach via central planning."

      Central planning by b. hussein, joe, nancy & harry? That's the scariest thought I've ever seen on a message board.

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      • john177 Jul 13, 2010 7:30 AM Flag

        Obviously, the folks you referenced limits your understanding about the very wrongs we have.

        Central planning should be done by professionals in their respective fields not politicians.

        Wow, your response leaves me speachless. It never ceases to amaze me how the politicians can win elections when the electorate is so uninformed.

        Why did you not just say they were ugly and therefore can't possibly govern?

        You should be much more frightened by what is happening in the board rooms at public companies. Those people are the ones influencing the legislation by way of contributions.

    • Jimmy Carter look bright----Didn't think that was possible!!!!!

    • The Boston Globe.

      Hmmmm - The National Enquirer has more credibility. This paper is owned by the New York Times & like the Times they are both going broke.

      Their only chance, which they are activily pursuing is government support for nioce union papers since they are vital for the economy.

      I lived in Boston & cancelled my paper. I wrote the ombudsman and told him it was because it was biased beyond belief.

      SURPRISE, he answered me in his column and AGREED that they had 9 liberal editors, 2 nutral and one conservative.

      Obuma's problem is simple, he was just a corrupt junior senator from corrupt Chicago, that has never ran anything in his life. 20 years at a hate whitey church with an agenda that slants way beyond socialism. He appologizes around the world for a country he despises.

      A clown that will shortly make Jimmy Carter look bright.

    • GJ---I read with interest the article---I fail thought to see where in the article it states that a Court has issued a decision after a proceeding that Bush flagrantly stated he would ignore. Yes Bush decided in many cases to ignore laws based on his assertion of national security[ which I disagree any President should do] or his right as commander-in chief when it involved the military matters.
      Please though point out to me where it states Bush told a Court that he did not care what that court ruled. I'm not saying it didn't happen just show me. We do know that Obama has done so with the moratorium appeal denied.
      PS: I am a strict independent who actually trust neither party not to play politics with our rights.

    • We don't have a president. We have a black idiot lier pretending to run this country. I did not vote for him because he is a lier and will not vote for him next time.

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