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  • keybotthequant keybotthequant Apr 14, 2011 4:06 PM Flag

    ZSL Chart shows Positive Divergence

    Interesting comments by all, not one was pro ZSL, 100% are silver going to the moon and never stopping.

    That is fine, perhaps all of you may be correct.

    But if you took the time to study the call, we are now at 42+ for silver.

    So now that silver is over 42, ZSL becomes a buy. My work actually says to enter ZSL at a silver price of 42.20-42.30, but an entry in here, buying ZSL at the close here is fine.

    The recent history and all the momo in silver makes all of you exactly right, and many folks who have shorted silver have regretted it. All that is fine, but now it is my turn to throw my hat into the ring.

    ZSL is a buy right now, so take the 18.38 price, give it a few days or a week or two adn check back to this post.

    Sure I can be wrong, will not be the first tiem adn will not be the last, that is what trading is.

    So at least you have a level now to gauge the success or failure of the call.

    This is my first entry into shoritng silver, everyone esle has failed so we wil se what happens. I will continue to add ZSL up thru 42.20 level. As far as a stop, if silver moves up thru the 42.30 area I will probably take my losses.

    So the table is set now, I am liking ZSL now, and I have a dozen folks on the other side of the trade. I don't mind that.

    For ZSL chart for any of you to get caught up with this excitement, google keystone speculator. We'll see how it works out.

    Remember, the call is to add ZSL now for a silver price from here up to 42.30, then if silver goes higher the call was wrong. This call say shta tsilver is in its final topping area right now.

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