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  • mhoward98 mhoward98 Apr 15, 2011 11:09 AM Flag

    The truth

    Silver has to take out its all-time high and go above $50. There is no reason for that to happen other than speculators and traders and pundits saying it has to happen because gold did it with its all time high. I think silver runs to north of $50 spot.

    At above $50 we are looking at the "hyperbolic bubble implosion setup of a lifetime" and that's when I will get into ZSL. Not any time before. And not on the first day it tanks, because the 50% correction I expect off the highs will take many, many days to happen and if you miss the first 10% down it's not a big deal, IMHO.

    Mark this post and don't dare put a penny in ZSL until spot silver tops $50.

    Best wishes and good luck.

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    • The truth is, if silver is going to $100.00; the trading so far is what silver loooked like on the way to $100.00.

      The "truth" is, silver will correct to a 16:1 ratio with gold after decades of manipulation and artificial suppression.
      How do you think JPMorgue got short 125,000,000 ounces? Why has 95% over the silver ever mined and refined been consumed industrially and 95% of the gold ever refined still exist in above ground vaults? Answer - because groups like the US government, the Federal Reserve, JPMorgue and the Silver Users Association all conspired to keep the price low for their own agendas. Now, the suppression is becoming unravelled before your very eyes.
      Call it a silver supernova, call it what you want. Those who are trying to fight it are going broke. Those who are riding the trend are making a fortune.

    • A good post except that you are trying to call the top at $50.

      What will change when silver is at $50 as opposed to now when its pushing $43?

      Will our dollar be stronger?

      Will we stop deficit spending?

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