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  • When is the next reverse split?

    I know this is doing well considering the price of silver!

    However everyone who thinks they know anything is now shorting silver!

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    • Past history says when and if ZSL goes single digits, you'll see another reverse split.

      Perhaps, many will get fooled and ZSL doubles in price from here? Far cry from its 52-week high, no?

      Probably 1:4 or 1:5.

      Just like the boom/bust of 2001, SLV is in the maniac stage - day traders coming in driving SLV higher.

      You're the next guru if you can predict the SLV top - 50, 55, 60, 75, 100?

      All logic thrown out the window. Parabolic - who cares if graph shows it to go to infinity (to the sky and beyond outer space).

    • There's more to investing than making or losing money. A lot of shortsellers are very successful people. You can't measure a trader's skill just by the amount of money they make or lose.

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