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  • The_Freedom_Nebula The_Freedom_Nebula Oct 22, 1999 11:59 PM Flag

    To All

    I believe that this company will do well. The
    Market Cap is ~$1.2B. Do you see internet telephony as a
    growing business? Do you see ITXC at the center of that
    business globally? Do you see the market cap rising to
    $2.4B, $5B, $10B or $100B, within the next 2 to 5 years?
    If so, buy and hold this puppy no matter what. I see
    it big. Over the last week or so I seen this baby
    climb through some terrible new...It even survived
    being Greenspanned...

    The Freedom

    P.S. Free your mind and your ass will

    By the way what does ITXC stand for?

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    • I just wanted to thank you for gracing this board
      with your vast investment knowledge and your
      brilliance. All the rest of us ignorant "investors" feel
      honored that you would even take valuable time out of
      your busy day to communicate down to us. I'm sure I
      speak for all of us when I say that we are all striving
      to one day be just like you.

      The point is, be
      long or be short, it doesn't matter. I would look at
      all objective opinions/analysis. But don't be an
      arrogant asshole. I know there's the expression "I think,
      therefore I am," but I'm quite sure you're not as good as
      you think. Check your bloated ego at the door. If you
      have a rational opinion on ITXC, I'm sure we would all
      like to hear it, whether it's positivie or negative.
      But there is a certain way that mature adults with
      some intelligence can express their opinions. You
      haven't found it.

    • No one give a crap about your endorsement...You were just getting ready to lose a bunch of money

      The Freedom Nebula

    • <EOM>

    • shorters i have a royal flush in hand...... ( NO BLUFF) call me if you wish.....lololololololololololololololo CHING CHING....LoL

    • LOL = Laughing Out Loud
      LMAO = Laughing My Ass Off
      ROFLMAO = Rolling On The Floor Laughing My Ass Off

    • LOL = Laughing Out Loud
      LMAO = Lauging My Ass Off
      ROFLMAO = Rolling On The Floor Laughing My Ass Off

    • March 8, 1999 ITXC Closes $15M in 2nd Round of
      Funding - Investors Include: Chase Capital Partners,
      Flatiron Partners, Intel Corporation, Polaris, Spectrum
      Equity, and VocalTec Communications

      February 24,
      1999 ITXC, Lucent and VocalTec Publish iNOW! Internet
      Telephony Interoperability Profile. iNOW! gains support in
      ITU and from new supporters including Alcatel,
      Analogic, AudioCodes, Ericsson, Linkon, NetSpeak, and
      OzEmail Interline. IMTC also adds support to iNOW!

      February 11, 1999 John G. Musci Joins ITXC
      Corp as Chief Operating Officer - Telephony Veteran to
      be Responsible for Sales and Operation of the
      Largest Internet Telephony Network

      December 17,
      1998 Ascend, Cisco, Clarent, Dialogic, Natural
      MicroSystems and Siemens Join ITXC, Lucent and VocalTec in
      Support of iNOW! Interoperability Initiative

      October 16, 1998 ITXC Corp Opens Asian Office in
      Singapore - ITXC Expands Sales Activities in the
      Asia/Pacific Market
      October 1, 1998 Japan Telecom Chooses
      ITXC Corp to Enter the IP Telephony Industry

      September 14, 1998 Lucent Technologies and VocalTec
      Demonstrate Industry�s First Interoperable Internet Telephony
      Gateways over ITXC Network

      September 9, 1998 Bell
      Atlantic and ITXC in First Ever Agreement for RBOC to
      Terminate Internet Calls on IP Gateways

      August 21,
      1998 ITXC Corp Named a Herring 100 Private Company Red
      Herring Editors Select ITXC Corp as "One of the Brightest
      Stars in the Digital Universe"

      August 6, 1998
      ITXC Now Operates the Most Extensive Internet
      Telephony Network

      July 21, 1998 ITXC Corp and
      TeleNova Comunica��es Ltda. Establish IP Telephony Company
      to Bring New Phone Calling Choices to Brazil and
      Entire Mercosur Region

      June 24, 1998
      and ITXC Corp Sponsor Contest for IP Telephony
      Application Developers

      June 8, 1998 VocalTec and
      Lucent Announce Industry's First IP Telephony Network
      Solutions To Interoperate

      June 8, 1998 ITXC - First
      to Deploy, and Support Interoperable Multi-Vendor

      June 8, 1998 ITXC To Support Lucent As
      Its Second Platform

      June 1, 1998 Telecom
      Business(tm) Names ITXC Corp as "TOP 250" Firm in the
      Competitive Telecom Industry

      May 26, 1998 ITXC Corp
      Receives "Company Most Likely to Succeed" Award at the
      1998 New Jersey Technology Council Venture Fair

      May 13, 1998 ITXC Corp: Internet Telephony Exchange
      Carrier Closes $10 Million Financing Round

      7, 1998 ITXC WWeXchange Service Begins Operation on

      March 30, 1998 ITXC & VIP Calling Build
      First Cross-platform Network of Networks

      24, 1998 ITXC, Delta Three Agree to Create First IP
      Telephony Network of Networks
      1997 1997 ITXC Press

    • friend, i never short anything so i can't condone
      your actions, i like to know what my losses could be,
      only my original investment when i'm long.

      definetly need to stay on the sideline this week with this
      stock, or i would have thought you were a definite

      if this runs to $70's or higher by friday, and you
      have the nerve, take a shot but only for a day or two,
      because this could easily be in the mid $100's with
      proper coverage, great increase in revenue's and some
      more solid p.r's.

      don't forget, this ran to
      what $45 or so on day 2 with the news with cisco,
      lucent and intel. any company alligned with those 3
      should definetly not be shorted for the first few months
      they are public. be careful.. these internets run
      10-20 points some days, ran one day from
      $61-$100 when sprint went live..

    • You make your own

      GOTO: read every article on ITXC)

      1999 Justice
      Technology Corporation Uses A SNARC to Connect to

      October 7, 1999 Ameritech Offers Internet
      Telephony Services - ITXC to Terminate Voice over Internet
      Calls on Ameritech�s Network

      October 1, 1999
      ITXC Announces the Consummation of its Initial Public

      September 28, 1999 Cisco, Intel, ITXC,
      and Lucent Demonstrate Next Stage of IP Telephony
      Interoperability at VON Conference - New Client to Gateway and
      Gatekeeper Interoperability to Enable Enhanced Services

      September 28, 1999 ITXC Announces Initial Public Offering

      September 9, 1999 Ed Hirschman Becomes Director of New
      Business Development at ITXC Corp

      September 8,
      1999 ITXC Uses the Internet to Make 800 Numbers
      Accessible Internationally - Free Carrier Access to US
      Numbers Immediately Available

      July 14, 1999 ITXC
      and Global TeleSystems� (GTS) Teleross Cooperate to
      Provide Internet Telephony Service to Russia and CIS

      June 7, 1999 IMTC Becomes Home for iNOW! IP Telephony
      Initiative - Industry Consortium forms iNOW! Activity Group
      to Provide Open Forum for Discussion, Development
      and Testing of IP Telephony Interoperability

      May 25, 1999 ITXC Introduces the SNARC - Customer
      Premise Device Uses Internet to Eliminate Expense of
      Backhaul for International Carriers & Resellers

      May 19, 1999 Red Herring Editors Select ITXC Corp as
      One of the Top Private Companies in the Technology

      May 18, 1999 Upside Magazine names ITXC Corp
      as One of the 1999 Hot 100 Private Companies

      May 10, 1999 China Telecom Chooses ITXC As Carrier
      For Internet Telephony Trial

      May 4, 1999 ITXC
      Corp Opens Sales Office in London - ITXC Expands Sales
      Activities to serve the Europe, Middle East, Africa and
      Russia Market

      March 31, 1999 Lucent Technologies
      and ITXC Corp Announce 'ITXC-Ready' Gateways and
      Distribution Agreement

      March 22, 1999 ITXC Corp
      receives $3 million in vendor financing from Lucent

      March 17, 1999 Korea Telecom CORP. Joins
      the ITXC Network

      March 11, 1999 ITXC Corp
      Displays Artwork from The William
      Gallery of Princeton
      - "An International

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    • are invested in itxc, thats good enough for me.

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