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  • runlong_1999 runlong_1999 Oct 25, 1999 8:45 AM Flag

    To All

    I just wanted to thank you for gracing this board
    with your vast investment knowledge and your
    brilliance. All the rest of us ignorant "investors" feel
    honored that you would even take valuable time out of
    your busy day to communicate down to us. I'm sure I
    speak for all of us when I say that we are all striving
    to one day be just like you.

    The point is, be
    long or be short, it doesn't matter. I would look at
    all objective opinions/analysis. But don't be an
    arrogant asshole. I know there's the expression "I think,
    therefore I am," but I'm quite sure you're not as good as
    you think. Check your bloated ego at the door. If you
    have a rational opinion on ITXC, I'm sure we would all
    like to hear it, whether it's positivie or negative.
    But there is a certain way that mature adults with
    some intelligence can express their opinions. You
    haven't found it.