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  • truthteller2 truthteller2 Oct 26, 1999 1:24 PM Flag

    i bet we see $50 by the end of the day

    when the cibc "buy" rating is posted

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    • Actually, what you said about the Fed is not
      crazy at all. I agree with you entirely. Not raising
      the rates after the last meeting was worse for the
      stock market than raising them. Why? Because the market
      hates uncertainty more than it hates interest rate
      increases. I am desperately hoping that they raise rates in
      November. It may cause a one day selloff, but after that I
      think there would be a great rally from the rest of
      November through January (even with Y2K concerns). And the
      stocks I think most likely to benefit from such a rally
      are those like ITXC that have a lot going for them
      fundamentally (good company and good industry) but have not had
      extraordinary runups like many other recent IPO's.

    • ...from a good psychoanalyst. You seem to have
      multiple personality disorder. One minute you proclaim
      what a great short ITXC is, the next you say "HELL NO"
      you're not gonna short it, "much too

      Take your meds.

    • According to my math's a little over $ 2000 on paper..How could I have lost $$$ when I'm holding the stocks..jackass..

    • What do you think of shorting STMP? Is it to risky?


    • You are most wise. And no, haven't seen much of
      buenodot, but I suspect his shorts are squeezin' him.
      You're right about coverage on IPO's not always making
      much of a difference (or earnings); you're right about
      the superiority of a gradual, upward move. Most of
      all, you're right about the November Fed meeting being
      key. This may sound crazy, but hear me out. I really
      think the Fed ought to raise rates a full half point or
      even a whole point - briefly. Let the market (finally)
      look forward to the certainty of falling interest
      rates rather than the eventuality of rising ones.
      Because I don't think such a rate hike for such a
      (tacitly understood) brief period would ever fully be
      passed down to most borrowers, I think such medicine
      might just be worth the cure...

    • I say if you know its going down.... why are you
      not shorting it yet.... scared up the up side (
      whimp) I allso know that you been calling this for weeks
      and the stock keeps going up... tell the truth you
      sold to early and you want back
      LOL LOL

    • chairman_of_the_board_2000 chairman_of_the_board_2000 Oct 27, 1999 8:11 PM Flag

      Ah yes, a couple more buy recs., a great earnings
      report and just enough shorts in the mix to juice this
      baby and we're off to the races. Looks like a good
      combo to me. We need more like our sh*t buddy. Oops, I
      mean short buddy.

    • Yes and yes. Thursday doesnt mean anything (maybe
      a little anticipation). Friday could be big. Monday
      could be huge. I expect them to beat estimates. Am I
      going to short ITXC? If it goes up 8 or more points in
      one day hell yes. Will I want to be short on this
      over the weekend HELL NO with capital letters. As a
      matter of fact I dont know what the hell I'm even doing
      here now. good luck. I'll be back when this is much
      higher. It is much too stable right now.

    • If you have success shorting his picks, then do

      Don't forget that Lehman Brother's expected them to
      beat the estimates-Did you know that????

      I hope
      you do.

      I feel that Thurs. & Fri. will be
      pivotal to ITXC going higher. I think for those two days,
      there is more upside risk, than downside risk...Don't
      you agree??

    • I went to stockicemans web site and seen what a
      loser he is. Do you realize his sorry ass has lost OVER
      $8400.00 on his picks he lists on the front page. I
      figured this guy knows a loser when he sees one. I have
      decided to start following his picks and short all of
      them. Unfortunately for ITXC shareholders, this is one
      of his picks. I play the odds. And I like
      stockicemans odds of picking losers.

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