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  • runlong_1999 runlong_1999 Oct 26, 1999 5:56 PM Flag

    i bet we see $50 by the end of the day

    You want to know who dumped shares at the end,
    taking back some of the day's gains?

    simple...who else could it be? It's the idiotic short term
    traders that pervade the market these days trying to make
    a few points. In spite of the extraordinary gains
    that technology stocks have and will continue to
    provide to those who pick good companies and hold them,
    they have, for some reason, not caught onto the fact
    that they will NEVER make more money trading short
    term than they will if they actually do a little work
    (i.e. research and think), find a good company, and
    hold it. In fact, history has shown they will more
    than likely lose money. I often have a hard time
    believing that someone can be so blind and stupid. But all
    I have to do is read their posts on this board and
    I know it's true.

    Sorry to sound like I'm
    preaching. The good news is, while these people may impact a
    stock short term and make the ride exciting, in the
    long run they are but gnats on an elephant's ass.
    ITXC, in my opinion, will get where many of us think it
    should be.