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  • runlong_1999 runlong_1999 Oct 28, 1999 2:23 PM Flag

    i bet we see $50 by the end of the day

    Actually, what you said about the Fed is not
    crazy at all. I agree with you entirely. Not raising
    the rates after the last meeting was worse for the
    stock market than raising them. Why? Because the market
    hates uncertainty more than it hates interest rate
    increases. I am desperately hoping that they raise rates in
    November. It may cause a one day selloff, but after that I
    think there would be a great rally from the rest of
    November through January (even with Y2K concerns). And the
    stocks I think most likely to benefit from such a rally
    are those like ITXC that have a lot going for them
    fundamentally (good company and good industry) but have not had
    extraordinary runups like many other recent IPO's.