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  • AugieMyBoy AugieMyBoy Nov 26, 1999 1:47 PM Flag

    Day Trading Again!

    I got picked up on order to buy another 100 (I
    know, small amount) of this awesome stock at 42. The
    time I got picked up was at 10:58 PST. I noticed that
    the ask at the close was 42 9/16. I don't know how
    the ask went up so much, but I like this stock alot.
    This is my 5th time in.

    Great weekend

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    • <EOM>

    • but WWof Jules is right. For that Piece of shit stock IBAS to be trading even close to ITXC means several things to me.

    • It's actually up 5 pts at 39.

      ITXC is a
      deja vu stock. IBAS is doing to it what ITXC did to
      NTOP after ITXC IPO'd. Check it out. I was in NTOP at
      the time and jumped over to ITXC and have been happy
      I did. NTOP's volume dropped way down when ITXC
      started trading.

      Now we have DDDC also. Are their
      more IPO's coming in the voIP segment soon?

      sure don't hope so.

    • I don't see any new news items for them, not
      since the 11/22 Bell Atlantic release and they are up 3
      1/2 points today. They are now back up to 37 and
      todays volume is approx. 661,000 so far. That's 10 times
      the volume ITXC is showing. Does the ol' trickle down
      theory apply to stocks also? How did ITXC become so

    • It is especially hard to sit and watch ITXC tic
      downward when we know the huge potential is there. I was
      hoping the recent jumps in the telecomm sector would
      help also. It seems the MM's are not propping this up
      at all. I don't think anyone is buying on the dips
      at this point. If we break thru 40, watch out, it
      could trigger alot of volatility.

    • After all - we're back to same level before he
      came out with his infamous prediction. What harm has
      he done? NONE.

      I'd much rather have someone
      like him on the board than those nasty, rude, ignorant
      short sellers. Maybe LUCKY can help keep those type of
      people away.

      Anyways, it looks like a buying
      opportunity is upon us - similar to my earlier post several
      days ago rt before it collapsed I said one was
      approaching and it came quickly. Hopefully the stock is near
      its bottom of range now.

      LOL LUCKY - keep up
      the good work - I hear news is on the way - hold it
      off till I buy some more.

    • Just playing the patience game, our time will come...just need another press release.eom

    • bigg week ahead ENJOY...... looking like a big week next week that is....... I would like to invite every one to my vacation house which will be built by lol lol

      • 2 Replies to luckytime99
      • We just had a great week (down about 6) when our
        local star gazer supreme (unlucky) was hyping a move
        into 50's and more. Boy, what a stock expert he

        Now he's back (like a bad dream) - I sure hope his
        presence doesn't drive this baby down into 30's.

        Stay away unlucky - we're back to about where we were
        before you started your star gazing.

        Promises are
        meant to be kept - so sign off and go post on NTOP

        LOL longs and hang tough even when unlucky rears his
        unwelcome shot in the dark posts!!!!

        Anyone can
        predict news when it doesn't happen (even unlucky).

      • Hey lucky. Nice to hear from you. I am not a
        regular poster on this or any board. I do however own 500
        shares of this baby. I noticed your post advising of the
        run we had. Hope your last message is an accurate
        prediction of the week to come. I got in late at 42 3/8.
        Still hoping this baby will fly. Any more insight
        please feel free to share.