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  • gizmo_puppy95 gizmo_puppy95 Mar 28, 2014 3:41 PM Flag

    Until the Biotech Index

    On all boards decisively begin trending upward, SYN may be in limbo land until the end of April.
    SYN is a great company but it is just getting spanked with a solid wooden spoon right now.
    I don't know if good news on Monday will reverse this 5 day downtrend.
    I did not buy today. Probably will not buy until I see a positive candle and today is not it.
    We can't rely on shorts to cover because this is not a heavily shorted stock, so we have to rely on "Buyers" Confidence which is shaken to the bone right now.
    It has broken the 2.45 level with was the 13 EMA I was watching and it broke it with EASE.
    What is happening is a combination of many things occurring at once which created a super storm of selling.
    It is not over yet.
    The Russia deal hasn't even really had an effect on the stock market yet.
    Let's hope we receive some forward looking guidance on Monday...maybe that can be the small band aid to slow the bleeding.
    Just checked in here and see it actually hit 2.36.
    I was expecting a pull back to the 2.30's the last leg, so this is a large dip.
    One year from now, this will be perceived as a huge buying opportunity but it is difficult to see when you are smack dab in the middle of the storm.
    Good Luck Everyone
    Just imagine what the Market Cap should be.
    P.S. This idiot Putin...what is he thinking?

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    • He's thinking with the incompetent pipsqweek weasel in the WH, who worries more about his vacation and brackets, same sex marriage and minimum wage and redistributing other people's money....I can go unchecked. There's no one to stop me. THAT'S what he's thinking. And the scary thing is...he is correct.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • gizmo, I noticed that the large bio ETF, I think it is IBB, actually today finished at about up 1% ytd, and had been up double figures not too long ago. Like you, I have been in similar market sector corrections, and after first buying at 1.10, then avg in at 1.70 for several thousand shares, after the upgrade, I was blinded with greed, even though it had happened numerous times in the past.Though I lost my double in SYN, I did get out at 2.90 with about a 40% gain. the bio sector , much more so than the major indexes, had given totally unrealistic gains since early Nov. Last week, on Wed and thur, it pretty well maxed out, I made$13,000 on one bio, ISR, and actually sold early. I think around that time, SYN was flying high. Based on my previous experience, I should have known to sell at least half of all bio, but instead, allowed around 1/2 of the 2014 ytd gains vanish. But, finally, after the Nov to now run, I was able to get out with a very nice nest egg. I just do not have the stomach to go thru with these huge up and down movements, and also, I do not have the portfolio size. Like with many bios, the so called binary events are not ussually as profitable as many feel they should be.Often, since they have run up huge before the event, the approval or good news is met with a dump by the folks who bought early and have huge gains. The billionaire investor who bought so many shares at $1.00, I suspect after a 200% gain in 3 months, that is 800% annualized, has already, or will very soon be finished with SYN. Those big money types are too smart to ride it up and then down. He got a gift at $1, and another at $3.50, I would be surprised if he is letting it all ride doen to 2.50. One last thing, during this correction, the major indexes have actually not participated, though they actually did not enjoy the ytd run up. But, as you alluded to, the Russian thing has not yet really impacted the markets. As often happens, it or something else could happen soon.

    • bennettscott Mar 28, 2014 3:55 PM Flag

      I agree gizmo...would love to see your write up in seeking alpha. Might help us with a boost out if this mess

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