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  • bush_the_lying_criminal bush_the_lying_criminal Jul 20, 2006 11:50 AM Flag


    This topic is deleted.
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    • Congratulations, Swift Boat. Amidst a sea of moronic posts, yours stands above all others. Everytime I think your next post can't be more stupid than your last one, you prove me wrong.

    • People seem to forget the restraint Israel showed during Desert Storm when Iraq launched scuds into Israel yet did not retaliate upon request from the US for fears it would escalate the situation.

      The Israelies have always been up front about their policy. Leave us alone and we'll leave you alone. Lebanon fucked up and didn't do their part in disbanding Hezbollah in fact they offered them sanctuary.

      One thing is certian, when you screw with Israel, they will strike and stike hard. If only the US had the same size balls we wouldn't be in half the messes we have been in.

      This would end if the two Israeli soldiers were released but Nasrallah said there was "no way in the world" he would surrender two Israeli soldiers snatched by his guerrillas on July 12 except as part of a prisoner exchange brokered through indirect negotiations.

      I suggest to whoever posted that web site with the pictures of the dead and mutilated children that they direct their efforts towards their government and Hezbollah.

      Disclaimer- I'm am not Israeli, jewish or pro Israel. Just stating my opinion.

    • Dangeriously - I agree with you. And these bigoted Nazi posters that have been ranting all afternoon here sicken me. I thought my grandfather fought in WW II to rid the world of that filth?

    • They are the enemy. Any country or groups that support terrorist organizations are the United States' enemy. Palistine needs to take control of their people like the UN resolution states.

    • I guess the General Assembly and the Security Council were also confused back in 1967 when they acted based on the Arabs starting the war? Yeah, those cagey Israelies just duped the whole world, again, huh?

      As for the USS Liberty, well, I guess we'll just have to ignore the many investigations conducted in the US that concluded it was an accident. We can also ignore the recently declassified NSA documents confirming it was an accident ( It's just easier to dismiss all that keep and clinging to some discredited conspiracy theory, right?

    • You are confused by apologist just like the ones who said that Iraq had WMD. I suppose you believe that also!

      Israel started the 1967 war. It attacked and sank the USS Liberty, a spy ship, to destroy the evidence that it started the war. Mark Bamford's book Body of Secrets reveals that the NSA (National Security Agency) had a plane in the air which obtained recordings of the whole event, including transcripts from the Israeli pilots showing that they knew exactly what they were doing. has two reviews of Bamford's book Body of Secrets:

      Actually you could make a case that Israel attacked the United States In an act of war to conceal it's goals.

      Professor Shillony calls himself 'a Jew, an Israeli' (p. 10). He writes, An expose by Israel Shahak and Norton Mezvinsky of Schneerson, Gershon Scholem (the leader of Temple Mount Faithful), and similar rabbis: "There is something infinitely more holy and unique about Jewish life than non-Jewish life." .. "The similarities between the Jewish political messianic trend and German Nazism are glaring. The Gentiles are for the messianists what the Jews were for the Nazis... the extreme chauvinism of the messianists is directed towards all non-Jews. The 1973 Yom Kippur War, for instance, was in Amital's view not directed against Egyptians, Syrians and/or all Arabs but against all non-Jews. ... This hatred of non-Jews is not new but, ... derived from a continuous Jewish cabbalistic tradition. Those Jewish scholars who have attempted to hide this fact from non-Jews and even from many Jews have not only done a disservice to scholarship; they have aided the growth of this Jewish analogue to German Nazism" ... " the imminent coming of the Messiah ... the Jews, aided by God, will thereafter triumph over the non-Jews and rule over them forever. (This, it is alleged, will be good for the non-Jews.)": Jewish Fundamentalism in Israel:.

      It is therefore now time for Jews to recognize their own Particularism. If Jews had been content with Israel's pre-1967 borders, they could have had a homeland in peace, and the world would have been spared the coming disintegration.

    • Why not just save your energy with all this cut and paste propaganda and just give us the link to the Stormfront website?

      Remeber Adolf, you can do more with books than just color them and burn them.

    • VZ - sorry - I meant to quote you referring to the need to be balanced. I inserted the wrong quote.

    • "The only thing you Jews will ever understand is a couple of nukes right in the middle of your beloved illegal state"

      Well, if you're talking to me I think that's a fair point. I agree.

      I've read a great deal about this conflict to try to get a broader perspective. For example, I've read stuff by Edward Said because so many pro-Palestinians consider him to be one of the most intelligent voices for the Palestinian cause. I've also read Benny Morris because so many Israeli critics praised him as being balanced. And there are others.

      I'm not blind to different views. I've always favored a two state solution based on UN resolution 242. And I'm not a blind apologist for all Israel does. But I really have no tolerance for psoters like Tech who are ignornat, bigoted and have no further interest than seeing Israel destroyed.

    • "The only thing you Jews will ever understand is a couple of nukes right in the middle of your beloved illegal state"

      That about sums it up. I've been wasting my time arguing with an ignornat bigot. I'm sure you'll end up just like all your heroes - Metzger, Duke, Hitler - either cowering in hole somewhere swallowing a bullet, or acting as someone's pin cushion in prison.

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