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  • Cruiser007_007 Cruiser007_007 Jan 14, 2005 9:40 AM Flag

    Go Ahead - keep your heads in the sand

    All you whiners about social security, what plan do YOU have to fix it? Social security was originally supposed to be addition to your retirement earnings. Unfortunately people expect to live exclusively off it.

    If you want the government controlling your destiny, spend a little time viewing socialistic europe and then explain why our standard of living is so much higher.

    Also, your whining about high taxes and greed reveal your extreme lack of understanding of basic economics and history of tax cuts.

    You whine about losing your ACG dividend income without understanding how it is generated - unbelievable!!

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    • Good shot!

      If nothing else, you got one liberal to admit he is in the minority. He will always be a minority as long as the silent majority is aware of what he espouses.

    • Words of Mass Deception
      From an editorial of 10Jan2005
      "Late February is now the time frame mentioned by the White House for unveiling President Bush's plan to privatize Social Security. The timing is no accident. By waiting until then, the president will conveniently avoid having to include the cost of privatization - as much as $2 trillion in new government borrowing over the next 10 years - in his 2006 budget,

      "In this and other ways, the administration is manipulating information - a tacit, yet devastating, acknowledgement.. that an informed public would reject privatizing Social Security.
      "..the true dimensions of the administration's proposed ploy,... were made painfully clear in a memo that was leaked to the press last week. Written in early January... (in the White House), the memo states unequivocally that under a privatized system, only drastic benefit cuts - not borrowing - would relieve Social Security's financial problem. "If we borrow $1-2 trillion to cover transition costs for personal savings accounts" without making benefit cuts, Mr. Wehner wrote, "we will have borrowed trillions and will still confront more than $10 trillion in unfunded liabilities. This could easily cause an economic chain reaction: the markets go south, interest rates go up, and the economy stalls out."

      "The president is irresponsible to even imply that the United States might not honor its debt obligations.

      "Asked by a reporter last month why he wouldn't tackle Medicare first, Mr. Bush said that his administration had already taken on Medicare by pushing through the $500 billion-plus prescription drug benefit. Drug coverage, he said, would save money for Medicare by paying for medicine that would prevent the need for expensive heart surgery.

      "That thinking is wishful to the point of being magical. Medicare is not going to fix itself any more than tax cuts will pay for themselves.

      ".. the president and his aides are trying to sow ignorance to gain support for their flawed privatization agenda."

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      • This nation hasn't yet recovered from the voodoo economic b.s. of the Reagan years. I seem to recall a few trillion in public debt being rung to finance an end to the Cold War and a "peace dividend" that would follow. Yeah, someone got a "piece dividend" alright. Looks to me more like a company store set-up designed to keep the hoi polloi working in the mines while distractions like gay marriage and one-nation-under-god are stirred up endlessly by right-wing mouthpieces (like Bush). The administration's "fixes" are carefully crafted leechings that will eventually bleed the country dry. But hey, how 'bout them Steelers?


      sorry, but the US is #8, several "socialist" coutries further up the list. back to the neocon thinktank, huh?
      ("neocon thinktank" is that an oxymorron?)

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      • Ah yes, throw insults while ignoring facts and the past - that's very intuitive. I'm amazed the masses failed to flock to your position.

        I'm not a neo, my conservative ideas we first eloquently espoused several hundred years ago by some brilliant men who understood ethics and economics. Funny, you bash the same institutions that are providing your taxable income. Now that is a paradox.

        Well I must get back to my starving the children and polluting the environment.

    • All you whiners about social security, what plan do YOU have to fix it?.......>>>>

      I like 95 million others voted to fix this problem and many others caused by the inept one but obviously 98 million decided to keep the inept one. So I guess you can go up to the roof tops and yell 4 more years and the problems will continue to mount

      If you want the government controlling your destiny.....>>>>

      I do not know what country you are from but our government in the United States which we pay for does control our destiny. We pay for our military, police, fire, schools, roads, retirement (social security) and many other programs for the safety and well-being of all citizens.

      Also, your whining about high taxes and greed reveal your extreme lack of understanding of basic economics and history of tax cuts.>>>>

      I am for putting the top tax bracket back up to at least 90% and not confused by the need for greed pigs at the top spin that they are our saviors.

    • Good spelling. Nice sense of superiority. Nuanced and well thought out.

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