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  • dreedva dreedva Apr 30, 2005 1:30 PM Flag

    Bush's Social Security Plan

    Much of the current proposal for Social Security �reform� are easy sells. The rich, which include most of our �leaders�, have little stake in them. SS or not, they�ll do well in retirement. The young may want to be part of those who�ve made it big in the Market. The �boys� on Wall Street (includes all the analysts, talking heads, brokers, bankers, etc.) see a new industry and dollar signs. Our current leaders can point to SS �solvency� in some distant future. And, we�ll all be rich together. I believe it!!!

    If it gets screwed up later�hey man, not my problem. It will not be the boys in charge now who�ll have to answer to the masses who didn�t make it and had to work well beyond the increasingly high �full retirement� age. That�ll fall to the next generation of leaders who�ll be scratching their heads and shaking their fists at us. Where�s our prosperity? Where�s our oil?

    Just a thought for the week-end. My opinion only.

    FWIW. I�m drawing SS. Could live without it if the stuff hits the fan. But if it hits the fan too hard, I'd be like many who live on their investments, SOL. Not my favorite scenario.

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