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  • mewatsonx mewatsonx Dec 28, 2005 12:17 PM Flag

    WARNING to board members!

    Do NOT go to the link given in that repeated message. It may download to your computer what's known as a "driveby" piece of malware (spyware, virus, etc.).

    The nature of the post is classically suspicious.

    Always be cautious of the links given on a board like this. Particularly if the post's subject matter has no specific relevance to the topics at hand.

    Another hint... if you don't have antivirus software and/or a firewall, you might want to try Microsoft's Beta release of its new OneCare software. You can download it for free (I've done so, and am running it). Eventually they will put out a production release and charge for it, but for now it is free.

    You can read about it, and download it, from -- OR --

    you can hunt it down on Microsoft's website.

    The software includes antivirus, firewall, a a backup/restore program, and an automatic "system cleaning" facility. It updates itself automatically for new virus definitions.

    I found the installation easy and clean. But they ask you to disable any firewall and antivirus software you already have, because sometimes they conflict, and running redundant software will slow your system.

    While I'm at it...

    Microsoft also has a free Beta version of its new antispyware software. Spyware is malware that sits on your system, running continuously (slowing it down) and doing such things as monitoring your surfing and sending that info to the site of origin. In the worst cases, it might log your keystrokes, or poke around your system and send sensitive info out to God-knows-who.

    You can get free software by going to...

    and clicking on "Windows AntiSpyware (Beta)" under "Popular Downloads".

    Microsoft has recently confirmed that it is going embed the antispyware software into its forthcoming new operating system - Windows Vista.

    ONE THING I CAN ASSURE YOU -- if you've had your computer for any significant amount of time, it is practically a DEAD CERTAINTY that you have spyware running on your system (slowing it down, if nothing else). Some of you will be stunned at how much of that stuff the software will find (and remove).

    I can assure you... the time it will take to install those 2 pieces of software (and run the spyware removal program) is a PITTANCE compared to the time required to restore your system from the factory image disk, plus any OS updates, plus any additional software you bought or downloaded and installed. TRUST ME ON THAT! ;-)


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    • (1) I've NEVER had a spyware attack.

      (2) I don't use Internet Explorer.

      Are (1) and (2) coincidence? I don't think so. Many thanks to the folks at:

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      • You don't have to use IE to have spyware affect your PC and slow it down. And you may not even know it. You can get free anti-spyware software and see whats what. Spybot is pretty reliable to install and run, though I haven't activiated the "immunize" feature cause I'm not comfortable with that yet.

        But I have found that even Spybot doesn't get all that Java and Javascript crap from sitting on the hard drive. If you use Firefox you can block the annoying ads. Like the ones you are likely looking on Yahoo. By installing Adblocker, which is a Firefox extension, you can control giving sites permanent or temporary access to run Javascript on your PC. The ads that use Javascript are sometimes the most annoying. Adblocker when first installed may pickup on Java crap cookies that you don't know about, and you can delete them. Yahoo is rather crafty in that if you block the "yimg" ads, then you can't reply to email.

        It's a cold war out there, and we all want military superiority.


      • Thunderbird and Firefox will make your Windows 98 work like a brand new operating system without subjecting it to viruses designed to work against newer versions. Hurray for open source software and screw my bridge buddy Bill Gates.

      • How do you know you aren't running spyware RIGHT NOW if you've never run antispyware software to find it?

        I doubt anyone could look at the active process list and know which processes are alien. (To see that list, hold down the CTRL, ALT, and Delete keys, then click the "Process" tab at the top.)

        Firefox is, in at least some ways, more secure than Explorer, for sure. (I don't think it will run ActiveX controls or Java applets automatically, for example.)

        I've read up on Firefox and played with it briefly, and I'm impressed. I keep meaning to try switching to it for several days.

        But it would be a profound mistake to think using Firefox makes you immune to malware.

        For example:

        Firefox security vulnerabilities found --

        Mozilla's OWN WEBSITE set up to promote Firefox is BREACHED --,1895,1866908,00.asp

        Forewarned is forearmed. ;-)


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