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  • blackhatman blackhatman Apr 5, 2004 9:21 PM Flag

    The apartment biz

    Like I posted before I really did not know much about the apartment biz, This stock got me curious? The month of March I spent walking, riding and touring apartment communities to get a feel for the biz in all I visted 36 communities only one was a Maa property. None were welfare housing they all advertise as top line communities in the apartment rental guide, I wanted to compare apples to apples. For the most part they all seem pleasent a few were dumps and there were a few that just stood out as a first class operations. The Maa property was ok it was it was not the best but it was not the worst really the only thing bad about it, I could smell cat in the apartment that I looked at. One thing that I did notice was that the communities that outsource there apartment work, the apartments look sharper in detail than the communities that did there work in house. I was talking to a maintance man at a 168 unit in Kentucky he was in charge of painting cleaning the kitchen bathrooms and carpet, plus he had to take care of the pool when it open up clean the grounds and do the maintance on the rest of the community and was on call 24/7 buy himself. And it show in the apartment that I saw , It had overspray on the windows dirty bathrooms stained carpets I'm surprised they rented anything at all. Also the communities that did not allow pets also looked better than the ones that took pets I'll let you all figure that one out. Most of the club houses were for the most part were outstanding one even had a wood dance floor built into it some were just kinda of bland. all had weight rooms that I never saw anybody use! well thats it for now I might post some more later.

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    • Not sure that what you are reporting means a whole lot to the rest of us. (Not really sure what it means to you, either, unless you are searching for an apartment)

      I mean, one of their apartments smelled like a cat -- so we are to do what with that info exactly?

      I had a coconut donut at Krispy Kreme once that I didn't really care for -- I sure wouldn't suggest anyone short their stock as a result, though...

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      • Im just posting something to read thats a little bit different. If you dont care for my post then don't read them. by the way (POP) pssssssss as of 2:55 pm down 1.87 the party is over, but this can be good shake out the profit takers and that lot and build a new base back up. What would be a good bottom to start at 32.75? buy the way you want to see what the hedgefunds can do to a stock check out OMCL down 5.70 a share at 3:00PM.

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