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  • stockfisher2025 stockfisher2025 Dec 14, 2004 10:26 AM Flag

    New all time high!

    Higher rates put many out housing market. Great for MAA.

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    • Well the price for Maa never got to my buy level but thats ok. I put some cash into Ras it is paying 9% and with a pe of just 10.71 I feel more comfortable than a 269.05 with Maa I feel that Maa is fully priced where there might be some upside for Ras.just my opinion.
      Also I have done well on Imax it has had a nice run and I think it can move up some more it just broke out of its 52 week high. Still losing my ass with sinofresh but the stuff still works. any thoughts Zebra

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      • Welcome back. I used to be a RAS holder. Be certain you know what your managers there are doing. Be absolutely certain that they are building value per share for you. The yield may be high, yes, but is what you are holding loosing value also? The yield on MAA may not be so high, but at least I'm fairly certain they're building value per share for me. Look carefully.

        I'm not the kind of guy to do work for another, so I'll say 'enough said' and shut my trap.

      • I think MAA is fully priced here, too. I've been selling calls over the past few months, picking up some income. If they take me out over $40, now that we are in the new tax year, I can live with that.
        Great compamy, but not a great stock price.
        It seemed like only yesterday it was at half this price, and no one wanted it.

        My favorite thing to hold currently is gold.

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