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Mid-America Apartment Communities Inc. Message Board

  • honestyhurts06 honestyhurts06 May 14, 2007 7:53 PM Flag

    Serious lack of Customer Service

    I have never, never been so disappointed before I chose to live in one of their cummunities (in Florida). In the interest of "full-disclosure", I am NOT a share holder (long or short, options, or otherwise), but I do own some index funds that may have this company as a holding... otherwise I would have sold this stock a long time ago. I sincerely hope that this "post" will open some eyes, not just to the retail or institutional investor but more importantly to the board of directors.
    1. I was never afforded the opportunity to walk through the apartment with a member of the community staff... not offerred. I was handed the checklist and told to sign the back and turn it in and at that point, they would have my other key as well as the garage remote. Upon entering my new home, I found several things which I notated (it's on file) on the checklist that I would like to share some of the highlights... dead bugs along the edges of the carpet and wall... cigarrette burns in the carpet... "pet stains" in the carpet... black mold on the windows... grease in the stove... WANT MORE???.... OK!... more large dead insects in the lightiing fixtures... disgusting refrigerator (I had to put the internal shelving together after cleaning it)... etc... NINE+ months later... only 3 issues have been addressed... Does this sound like POS (Positively Outrageous Service) or anything close to Fair customer service???
    2. I have asked a minimum of 3 employees for the home office number to get some help... apparantly they are NOT allowed to give that out...? HUH??? One of the grounds-keepers "snuck" me the phone number because he felt sorry for me after seeing the apartment for himself... I left a message and I am currently waiting for a response. The property manager accused me, yes, accused me of complaining prior to a lease renewal date... because she was in front of one of her sub-ordinates, I chose not to embarrass her... I had spoke to 2 or 3 other employees that had assured me that it would have been taken care of... maybe the property manager needs to learn how to properly communicate with her staff!!! Not to mention the fact that she says that she is always on site and yet I have not met her until today. PLUS... how may times do I have to wait for someone to show up (after the office opening hours posted)... if you state that you are open at 12pm then open the door at 12pm not 12:18pm or so...
    3. I was told that renewals are a minimum of $10 and that your payment history is a huge consideration in the renewal terms... I have yet to pay rent pay after the first of each month... a perfect history and yet I receive a larger increase than expected. When confronted... the property manager began to back track because she failed again to properly communicate with her staff... very sad... I also was disturbed when I found out that they were currently renting the same model, on the same floor, with the same view for $80 less... I was already paying more than my neighbors and now I have to pay even more!!?? I asked if I could have some consideration because of the past issues as well as the current unresolved issues... NO. I asked if we could transfer to one of the less expensive apartments without issue... NO. Just because I caught them with lower rates...
    (continued on the following "reply")

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    • If this property manager is considered an asset to this company, then SELL THE STOCK. The staff here represents the company's front line when dealing with customers... your source of revenue... After the property manager visited the apartment, she still refused to replace the carpet... "pet stains" are still here. I have seen other carpet replaced that were in better condition than mine (building nine... the renter is a real-estate agent who has seen my carpet).
      The renewal rate percentages would increase with some "care"... boosting revenue and "likely" the earnings but I see more non-renewals in this complex that any other... they may snag you when you look from the outside, but when you get in... ouch.
      I have contacted the state and local consumer affairs department along with the CDC (Center for Disease Control) but I am looking for any other advice... understand that the area does not offer many other apartment complexes... maybe one that I have yet to find otherwise moving would be the easiest thing to do. Besides, this is absolutely wrong... I would realy hate to see anyone go through this kind of "hassle"... overpromise and underdeliver... sounds like a theme that runs through this company... from the service side to the stock side.
      If the problems are resolved in a proper manner than I see no reason to continue posting... but believe me, there's more. Anyone with an opinion, whether positive or negative, I would appreciate it. I doubt that filing with the chamber of commerce or the BBB would be helpful... what do you think?
      Here's another rookie mistake... never tell a customer that any calls to upper management will only fall back on her lap, so I should only deal with her was the inference. DUH!!! I appreciate the chain of command, but you have already failed by not communicating with your staff or is it a lack of proper training...? Maybe we should just start with opening the doors on time. Pretty hard to renew or grow your customer base otherwise... the rest of the staff are good... what should management do to make them great? The rental business is already frothing with negativity... maybe this company can prove to be different. Take care of me and I will be a loyal customer forever.

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      • Aren't you a democrat?

      • The only way to deal with rental increases is to move. In a tight apartment rental market, that is the way it works. Have you looked into finding a house to rent, or perhaps a condo? You might be able to get some good deals in this market.

        They might be more willing to install a new carpet, or at least steam clean the old one, if you agree to a longer lease. If you allow a little bit of give and take, instead of just complaining, then they might be more willing to do something. Keep in mind, renters that complain a lot are often simply trying to break their lease without losing their deposit, or are trying to avoid a rent increase. They probably think you are trying the same thing.

        I'll bet that if you show up at their office near the end of your lease and announce your move out date that they might suddenly offer you a deal.

        I used to live in one of their complexes, years ago, and I was always well treated. Of course, I had many complexes to choose from, and you don't, so that is a factor.

      • Hey,pal,just move,intead of bitching to us!

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