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  • airplane1360 airplane1360 Jun 21, 1999 1:53 PM Flag


    I'm also tired of all the garbage messages that have nothing to do with MAA!!!

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    • As a MAA tenant and shareholder, I think its out
      of line for you to come across as though you have
      your finger on the pulse of the population of MAA
      residents. My experience, living on an MAA property for over
      3 yrs., has been that management is typically very
      responsive and will go to great lengths to solve a problem.

      As a matter of fact, several of my neighbors have
      called the property their home for 10+ years and don't
      plan on going any where soon. The MAA property I live
      on has been voted the "Best Apartment Community" for
      3 consecutive years by the City and local Apartment

      How do you know the vandalism was an
      outsider?...You don't. You also have assumed that an access gate
      is security. You and I both would be hard pressed to
      find any gate company/manufacturer that would promise
      security from any such construction.

      It's obvious
      you have a personal axe to grind given the vindictive
      nature of your comments: "housing project" & "hell hole"

    • My old neighbor at the Paddock Club in
      Columbia,SC called me this morning and said 17 vehicles were
      vandalized there last night. Funny thing that the gate at
      the front of this housing project has yet to be
      functioning properly since JUNE! The Paddock Club brochure
      they gave me when I moved in clearly states that they
      have "controlled Access Gate". If anyone has any
      questions as to the validity of what I post here you may

      Sapper, your quote "most happy I suspect
      is the property manager from where you just left". I
      very seriously doubt that she is happier than me, I'm
      out of that hell hole and she has to stay and face
      customers that they have failed to provide basic safety to.
      How would you feel if you had to face the weekly
      barrage of unhappy customers and Memphis would not give
      you the support or finances you needed. Memphis has
      know about these on going problems and has voted with
      their dollars to let their customer fend for

      Happy to be out of a Mid-America Housing Project.

    • If you had read my original message #327 on
      10/7/99 you would have known that I took the proper steps
      one would expect of a customer that was concerned
      about their own safety and the safety of others and
      wished to improve their living conditions, up to and
      including speaking with "georgecates" office. And as I
      stated with NO action taken on the part of the
      management of this company. Then after I had made a decision
      to move from their "housing" I posted my concerns
      here and had this person "georgecates" call my concern
      for my safety a "crack". Why would I not have the
      guts as you say to post here again? I speak the facts
      and if thats what you call having guts then I guess I
      do. If I have "no credibility in your book" because I
      chose not to subject myself to more abuse from this
      company then so be it. I don't wish any harm to the
      shareholders of this company, just to simply state that
      companies that are focused on their customers will excel in
      price appreciation due to the fact that exceeding
      customer expectations will show up in a companies
      quarterly reports and drive stock performance. This
      obviously has not happened in this case and I apologize to
      you if I upset you by pointing out that fact. Look at
      the fact that over 500,000 shares have been
      repurchased recently and they beat LOWERED estimates by a
      penny and still this stock is below where it opened in
      1995. Sorry if all this hurts your feelings, it hurt my
      feelings to know how much this company cared for me too.

    • I talked to the co. yesterday, and was reminded
      that some of the Board of Directors, including Jack
      Byrne(Warren Buffett's old friend), owns preferred

      I believe this Board will not sell us preferred
      shareholders out in a buy-out, a la Walden, and these shares
      yielding 14% are a screaming buy - both for us, and, and
      for the co. in a preferred share buyback program
      (which may be coming...IMO)

    • I did read message 346, and wondered if you would
      have the guts to show up again.

      gave a very good answer, and if you refused to call
      him and discuss your problems/complaint, then you
      have no credibility in my book.

      Bad experiences
      can give good reasons for a bad attitude towards a
      stock, but don't project your ill feelings on everyone
      else if you don't bother to follow up when someone
      gives you the chance.

    • I think as of late apartments have done better
      than a lot of other property types. MAA has done
      better than any REIT I regularly follow, although there
      are a few apartment REITs that have done even better.
      After a small problem with occupancy, it has restored
      it to pretty good levels, rent growth is good so
      they didn't have too make many concessions to restore
      the occupancy, and they are doing some good financial
      moves - in my opinion. A well run operation, in my
      opinion, and its results against those of other REITs
      shows it.

    • You're happy to be an ex-customer, I am a happy
      ex-shareholder (I made pretty good money, by recent REIT
      standards VERY good, and most happy I suspect is the
      property manager from where you just left.

      luck at your future address.

    • How come this reit hasn't crashed with the rest of them? Nobody here has much good to say about it. Could it be you reit guys are a contrary indicator?

    • I almost fell out of my chair laughing when I
      read that Sapper. If anyone doubts how bad this
      management is all one must do is read message #346 by
      "georgecates" and message #349. Management of true world class
      companies are extremely customer focused and this company
      has shown the exact opposite from the top all the way
      down. Not to mention the management has done nothing
      for you shareholders in the way of share
      appreciation. I must congratulate you Sapper on making the same
      smart decision I made, to part company with this

      Happy to be an EX MAA

    • Nothing wrong with MAA. Maybe too much too right.
      While MAA is a great value in terms of historical REIT
      prices, private real estate values, and valuation on most
      large cap to tech stocks, in comparison to many REITs
      MAA is more fully valued. There are a lot of
      screaming bargains out there - CEI, MT, & GLB to name a
      few. They may not have the quality of MAA's properties
      or management, but the market is probably
      overreacting, as it often does, to their problems.

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