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  • Mfrlord Mfrlord Nov 12, 1999 10:26 PM Flag

    The entrance gate is working!

    The entrance gate At the Paddock Club is working
    and has been since last weekend when the now total of
    27 vehicles were vandalized. Unfortunatly, the exit
    gate has been stuck in the up position during the same
    time frame. My friend also told me that as of tonight
    the same two street lights that were out last weekend
    are still not replaced. I'm sure that the management
    has a wonderful explanation of why a light bulb is
    taking so long to replace. Maybe the same excuse they
    gave us about why the access gate did not work for
    five months. Are light bulbs on back order too? I can
    tell you that NONE of the lights surrounding the
    clubhouse are out and it looks wonderful! Also he faxed me
    a copy of a letter posted at the mail boxes this

    Sometime between the evening of
    Saturday, November 6th and Monday evening, November 8th,
    there was a burglary in one of the apartments in
    Building 10 here at the Paddock Club Apartments.Many items
    were stolen.

    If anyone is interested in reading
    the whole flyer, let me know what you fax number is.

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