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  • DlrPrinciple DlrPrinciple Nov 23, 1999 8:41 AM Flag

    Incompetent management

    I got a water/sewer bill in the mail yesterday.
    I've been here 4 1/2 months and was told when I moved
    in water was included. When I called the water
    utility ENVIROTECH they told me that I had just signed a
    new lease and that I was now being charged for water
    and sewer. I shared with the young lady that I signed
    one lease and one lease only. She told me it was MY
    PROBLEM and to take it up with the management of the

    I spoke with a few residents last night who have
    experienced the same thing. No communication from management
    that our rent was going up in the form of a water
    bill. Just a bill in the mail telling us to pay. I
    honestly thought it was one of those scams where someone
    sends out 1000's of bills in hope's that a few people
    will pay them without reading them well. Imagine my
    surprise to find out the scam was from the management here
    at the PADDOCK CLUB!

    Really, I don't have a
    problem paying a small water bill, I just believe the
    management here should have COMMUNICATED to us that our rent
    was going up in the form of a water/sewer bill. Is
    that too much to ask? Not to customer focused in my
    opinion. But then again, this apartment complex has never
    been customer focused in the short time I have lived

    Only eight more days.

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    • All of us have had a bad experience with an
      apartment management at some point in our lives. It seems a
      little silly to write off an entire company because of
      one singular bad experience. And this experience of
      yours, while surely reflecting poor personal relations
      skills on the part of their managers, still shows
      competent money management in that they are shifting costs
      to the tenants.

      I usually prefer to pay my
      own utility bills; I'd hate if I had to pay for my
      neighbor's air conditioning bill here in the middle of


      • 1 Reply to hackshark
      • hackshark, I'm balancing my check book today and
        see my last rent check (thank God) was paid to the
        office on 10/31/99 (of course I have a receipt)and did
        not clear my bank until 11/8/99. I don't think the
        banks are that slow. So let's multiply the interest MAA
        could have earned for those 7 days (of course giving
        credit to the fact 10/31 was a Sunday) by the number of
        rent checks they cash. Still think they show
        "competent money management"? Goerge is about to find out
        just how incompetent they have been over at the
        Paddock Club.

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