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  • thesunneyone thesunneyone Feb 9, 2003 10:18 AM Flag

    Is it time to become pro active?

    I am a long time shareholder and never post but I am a follower of the board.Like the rest of you I have seen my investment decline to these depressed levels.I think that at one time this company showed great promise.This last year has made me very suspicous as to the dealings of the company.The absence of communication leads me to believe that something is terribly wrong.We get little to no updates regarding corporate developments.When we do get a bit of information it is often wrong.We had some encouraging news regarding the restructuring of the Aventis partnership.Since the initial bounce the stock has sold off to where it was before the announcement and looks to be going lower.I am afraid the market is signaling no confidence in the partnership being finalized.We also had very encouraging trial data released the other.After a one day rally the stock again sells off to levels before the news.The market discounts any positive development with this company.One can not blame this type of activity on a bad market alone.Individual stocks go up even in a bad market.Look at a two year chart of Scios as an example.My gut felling at this point is that there are behind the scenes problems that we are not aware of.These problems are far deeper than the financial crunch that the company is in.We need management to come out of the shadows and step into the sunlight.Unfortunately in this day and age it seems that litigation may be the only means to achieve this end.Is it possible to initiate some sort of class action suit against the company and its management?I am of the opinion that they have been negligent in their duties.I am afraid that in the coming months we will learn of negative developments that may lead to the demise of this company.There will be no financial restitution for shareholders as the company is broke.I would like to see management held accountable for the financial demise of so many and their clandestine running of this company.It is a shame that all these corporate reform mandates we hear about have not translated to small and micro cap companies.It seems to me that just as many investors in this segment of the market have lost just as much if not more than others.Does anyone have any ideas as to how we may hold the responsible people in this company accountable for their actions?Looking forward to constructive responses.

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    • Sunney---sell your shares immediately. I can't stand to see a grown man cry.

    • I am also a long time shareholder of Aphton. I view the current stock price as a result of the current economic climate, not the fault of management. Biotechs are risky investments, those that can not tolerate risk should stay with the CD market. My opinion is that management is doing a good job in a very difficult environment. I have confidence in management, they will get the ob done. Best regards.

    • >>Like the rest of you I have seen my investment decline to these depressed levels.<<

      sounds like you have a high cost basis. you better buy some more down here to average out your basis. these prices won't be around much longer.

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      • just a few comments. firstly, based on recent market fluctuations i'd agree that the deal is done if not imminent. it's a case of when they decide to announce it. from what i can tell, they would have started the negotiations with respect to the details immediately after the last news release, and now that the due diligence is no doubt completed, it would have been a simple matter of acceptance.

        the results recently announced would no doubt have other multi-nationals waiting in-line incase the deal did not go ahead - but aventis being the leader (if i am correct) in this area - cant see them pulling out now -(i base this purely speculatively based on recent share movements - this is what i said in a previous message - i.e., large volumes traded when the news leaked prior to formal anouncement - coupled in this case with the increased holding from institutions).

        one question though. do you guys think it is likely to plateu at about 11 - 12 dollars or more/less?

        if they announce that based on results they have - market approval may be possible in some countries (which i have sound knowledge of is possible), then is the value likely to exceed 20 dollars just on that news? any thoughts are welcome.

    • your post makes no sense and is purely a function of your ignorance and frustration.

      For example, you compare Aphton to Scios. Scios has a product -- a very good product -- already approved and selling well. BEFORE GETTING THAT PRODUCT APPROVED A COUPLE OF YEARS AGO, SCIOS WAS IN THE SAME BOAT AS APHTON -- IN SINGLE DIGITS AND HOPING CLINICAL RESULTS CAME OUT GOOD. Check out this chart you idiot:

      I'll bet you would have been whining and calling for a lawsuit against Scios a while back. Only in hindsight do you think the company is wonderful. Unlike Scios, Aphton has no approved product. And multiples for such companies are very low.

      Further, I suspect it is this knee jerk response to file a lawsuit by so many people that is the root cause of management's tight-lipped approach. I don't like their approach either. But if you are going to post about it, at least say something intelligent.