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  • driverct20 driverct20 Jun 27, 1999 5:17 PM Flag

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    • A colleague's husband has stomach cancer and is receiving the FU5 chemo. His outlook is grim and he has side effects from the chemo including sores in his mouth, loss of appetite. If Aphton's therapy can improve his chances with no side effects I can't see why the FDA would not approve it. The terminally ill can not wait two more years, if it can help, I hope it gets to market soon.

    • When can we expect to see some early clinical
      results? Previous published results indicated no toxic
      side effects from Aphton's vaccines. IMO, this could
      be big, due to a recent report on a new med. for
      breast cancer, which has had problems due to toxic
      effects on the liver. IMO, Aphton may have the next MAJOR
      new treatment option. Best of luck to all.

    • Critcaremd-AGAIN? Thanks for the words of
      caution. It sounds from your description of what happens
      when a stock is a LOSER that you have some REAL
      insight on the subject! It's never too late to change.
      Buy a few shares. I've never seen a doctor yet that
      couldn't afford the price of a few shares of Aphton. At
      best you'll make some bucks, & at worst you might lose
      a few bucks with the rest of us. By "us", I'm
      talking about us poor misinformed people that you SO
      cocerned about!

    • The fact that certain hormones fuel certain
      cancers and that blocking them will slow their
      progression is NO "theory". It's been written up in
      scientific literature a great deal. As Dr. Lind (of MSDW)
      was quoted as saying in a recent Investor's Business
      Daily article, if nothing else they (Aphton) can be
      "judged by the company they keep". In Aphton's case, that
      "company" includes: Aventis, SmithKline Beecham, Schering
      Plough, the World Health Organization, Morgan Stanley
      Dean Witter, Small Caps Online, Gruntal, the MCA, the
      FDA and MD Anderson Cancer Center. (Do your
      gastroenterologist and oncologist "friends" presume to know more
      than all those listed above?) Maybe it's time you got
      some new "friends", or better yet, maybe it's time
      THEY did!

    • I notice from the previous posting that the
      natives are getting restless (no surprise!).
      the post that precedes that-----Yes--I have 'posted'
      on other Boards--e.g., SCIO (just before its atrial
      natriuretic factor was approved by the FDA Advisory
      Committee-----but later rejected by the FDA, itself.)
      I DO
      invest in biotechs---but--APHT caught my eye as a
      company, which in my opinion, had a shaky theory----and
      I've followed it with interest for the past several
      years. A few oncologist and gastroenterologist friends
      have also raised doubts re: their 'vaccine' theory for
      treatment of GI cancers (to put it mildly).
      I DO see a
      parallel with Synergen and Scios-Nova.
      A word of
      caution: There will be no 'easing out' of a large stock
      position, should the Phase 3 Trials fail. The usual
      'scenario' appears to be an 8AM announcement of a
      'difficulty' by the company--in tandem with a drop in 'bid'
      price by 50-75%

    • What's "errie" is that critcaremdagain first came
      on this board posing as some "objective scientist".
      Now he's been exposed by various respondes as, at
      best, a pseudo-scientist (for sure, not someone who
      understands the difference between science and clinical
      medicine). Then, he turned to "law". This pseudointellect's
      new word, "venue" (location of a lawsuit), has
      nothing to do with PRODUCTS, of which Aphton has MANY,
      not ONE. Oh well, this short is like most of them,
      licking his (fatal) wounds (losses).

      I wonder how
      many Latin phrases he really knows; (Ad hominem (not
      hominum). Maybe he should stick to Latin but learn to spell
      the words before using them.

    • I have spent some time reading past posts on this
      board. I appreciate your posts as I do others who seem
      sincere about the opinions they post. I think that it is
      wise to be open to opinion and insight whether it be
      positive or negitive. Whether the post is bullish or
      bearish, I enjoy reading them. I am puzzled and curious
      about your motivation. Other posters seem to be open
      about their agendas. They are either going to go short
      some day or are currently long the stock. You have
      stated that you are neither. What attracted you to a
      relatively unknown company like Aphton? Why take the time to
      put as much effort into it as it seems that you have?
      Do you follow other similar companies as well? If
      so, which ones? If Aphton drops, and you don't have a
      short position, what reward will you get for your
      efforts (and abuse on this board)? Surely, most of the
      other bullish posters I have read here will not tell
      you how prophetic you were should the stock drop.
      Again, I am simply curious what motivates your efforts.

    • Altruism of previous poster in not wanting readers to 'make mistake,' is, I'm sure, appreciated by all.

    • Critcaremdagain. I respect your right to "point
      out" things, but this does get old. I know I should
      take my wife's advice & stay away from this board, but
      I really don't want someone to get a case of the
      "doubts", & make a mistake they will regret forever based
      on some misinformation pointed out to them. First of
      all I hope you are sincere, & really believe what you
      are writing. Again, that is your right. I tried to
      help JUMO by writing my first post ever (#563)(look at
      #556 while you're at it). By the way, where IS JUMO?
      Anybody seen him? Anyway, time made my statement in that
      posting crystal clear. Aphton has doubled. Aphton is not,
      I repeat, is NOT Synergen! How you could get these
      two confused is beyond me. Also repeat. Aphton is not
      a one product company. Gastrimmune & Gonadimmune
      are two diferent products, & there are different uses
      for them. I mentioned the multibillion $ market for
      acid reflux problems. IMO Aphton will address this
      market, but how much can a "25 employee company" (as
      someone once called it) DO at one time. If you are going
      to keep fixating on this company, then go out & buy
      a couple of shares, at least then you'll make some
      money while irritating people.

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