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  • wisk86 wisk86 Dec 21, 1999 4:57 PM Flag

    Same old srory

    While the NASDAQ continues to set records, APHTON continues to dissappoint.

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    • The Nasdaq is "setting records" because of a
      handful of companies: Microsoft, AOL, etc., and a few
      dot.coms. As far as biotech companies, APHT is doing OK.
      The stock was $7 at their IPO and is around $14 today
      (better than can be said of many biotechs). They are in
      trials III in the US now and probably about a year away
      to hitting the market. No other biotech is doing
      what they are doing. I still think this one will be a
      blockbuster. As far as their PR dept., what good has other
      co's expensive PR done for their share price??
      (Nothing). PR MAY only help for the short term - in the long
      run, the fundamentals are what counts.

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      • Is Aphton really actively in US clinicals? The
        last announcement said they applied to the FDA to
        start clinicals. Also, you said that they should
        probably be hitting the market in a year. What is your
        source for that information?
        They do have
        competition for the market from AVII. If they continue to
        move at a snails pace, they will miss their
        What happened to the asian alliance?

    • I'm a long time shareholder who is also very
      disappointed in Aphton. Since they have teamed with MSDW, I
      feel that the small investor like myself is no longer
      valued. Try calling the company and judge for yourself!