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  • Bio777a1 Bio777a1 Dec 29, 1999 10:22 AM Flag

    Same old srory

    Is Aphton really actively in US clinicals? The
    last announcement said they applied to the FDA to
    start clinicals. Also, you said that they should
    probably be hitting the market in a year. What is your
    source for that information?
    They do have
    competition for the market from AVII. If they continue to
    move at a snails pace, they will miss their
    What happened to the asian alliance?

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    • You're right, they've only "applied" to the FDA.
      I'm just assuming the IND will be accepted and they
      will begin trials in the US next year. If the trials
      take a year or so, then wouldn't they be ready to
      market? Re: the Asian alliance - don't know - maybe they
      didn't like the terms of the agreement or maybe they're
      still working on it. Hopefully they'll have more
      announcements in the coming months.