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  • yomattus yomattus Apr 1, 2014 7:58 PM Flag

    Everyone should read this message about HPJ

    From a discussion on another board. This info was in the 10k.

    This is indeed a Chinese company, but TJ Fisher is now on the board of directors. He is ex int'l VP of Energizer Holdings who was/is a significant private label customer of HighPower. He also happens to be CEO now of Valence Technology a competitor of Tesla in the high density flat form factor automotive battery space. I have met all these guys and seen the laptop/cell phone product live and in person at CES in Las Vegas. The product and the people are very impressive. As far as the argument about electric cars, and the environmental impact vis a vis everything else including natural gas, hydrogen, fuel cells, mild hybrid, clean diesel I have read pretty much everything I could get my hands on over the past several years. Take away Elon Musk and I would probably not give electric cars the pole position. Of course take away Steve Jobs, and I would not have given the Apple smart phone platform the pole position. I believe because of Musk that electric cars will change the transportation landscape in the same way the I Phone has changed the communications landscape. The grid will get cleaner, more efficient, and the build out of readily accessible charging stations will occur faster than most people imagine. Like Valence, A123, Exide, and even Tesla, HighPower is a rapidly growing company in a dynamic high growth industry. Unlike the aforementioned companies HighPower is already profitable.

    Fisher currently holds 45,000 shares (15k of which are an underlying option) and that officers and a group of 9 insiders control 45.7% of the outstanding shares. Looks like management is quite bullish on the company's prospects going forward.

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