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  • acegolfman225 acegolfman225 Apr 15, 2014 11:53 PM Flag

    Lithium battery producer with a market cap of just 67 million, buyout I say.

    A Buyout at 5 times the share price is still a good deal to get into this space. How much is Tesla planning to spend to start producing lithium batteries? Sony or someone else can easily snap this company up at anytime IMO. Happens in an instant!

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    • Future is bright. Get now

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • mkt is in a bad place as the manipulators al over are working the mkts over. Japan was down last night may have had something to do with the pull back. Still believe that it will be short lived. Like to see some positive moes with good volume and close int he mid 5s. It "should" but it may get played. We'll see.

    • Shelf registration complete is a very good thing with an option to buy 500k more and a sell price of 6.33. That should tell where this is going. This will be in the 6s sgort term. The makers did what they had to do to fill those orders of 1 mil at 5.05. That is over. The uptrend will will now continue further in the weeks and months ahead.

    • Buyout? Not!
      1) Debt exceeds equity by $2M. 2) Sony makes music and does not have a significant presence in things that use lithium batteries (cell phones, cars, computers). 3) HPJ is not the only company making lithium batteries.

    • Why would they sell? They know they are growing in leaps and bounds. Just a matter of time till the stock runs up fast and strong. No need to sell to any other companies. The world need for lithium is growing at such a rate I doubt the new Tesla company can fill the world's needs, as electric cars start pouring out of factories. The Chinese electric buses are alone going to need a huge amount of batteries.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • Yes that is right. To today trades? If you can call it that. Watching all morning and 95% of the trades are in "fact" inter mkt trades between MM. There is NO selling by investors. Just wanted to clear that up as being real. The volume at just 213k and 90% mkt swaps would indicate investors are long and the buyers are buying this unwarranted dip - if they can. The shorts will try and cover but have not done so at this time in total as there are no sellers. Take the mkt down day as an opp before the next leg up IMO. Must have a little patience and wait for the real break out. May take a few days or a week. I wouldn't try and trade this the spreads are too difficult to navigate on big buys. Past days volumes in higher ranges says this will retrace before days end to near yesterdays high 5.50 or so. I could be wrong.

    • concur...

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