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  • bluecatt20 bluecatt20 May 14, 2014 4:51 PM Flag

    It is amazing

    No one post for quite awhile but when the shorts are at it they come from the woodwork for real. You have to laught at the manipulation for sure. The co has 3,800 employees and does business on many fronts. The low volume is attributed to no selling like when the stop losses were taken out. The buying pressure comes when the shorts have to cover and there are no sellers on the cheap. That is when they have to pay up. Especially on a low float and low OS.

    They had a good Q but missed by very little. If any one can really read the numbers are not bad at all and the business is in good shape moving forward with the new clients. It really is all BS. Those that wanted to sell or were stoped out is over. The shorts and makers will try and "make you believe" in the doom and gloom in the numbers which are not true at all. They try and use the down mkt and other tatics as well to get you out when you should be buying. You kow the deal, buy when they say sell and sell when they say buy. Do as you will and belive what you will the money is long term not three days.

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    • just to give some out look on the need and potential for batteries , take a look at the you tube video from BYD
      "Transportation Electrification: Green Public & Comercial Transportation II "

      I don't know if BYD and HPJ are doing business , but the video gives a real good outlook for the battery future
      the battery life is over 20 years ,... the re purpose is amazing , and actually being done now
      as technology evolves this will only get better
      you will get some idea as to why TSLA wants to build the battery factory as well , the demand will be enormous
      I also think HPJ will be bought , not sure by who
      HPJ is getting auto type orders now from somebody , not sure who , BYD also builds forklifts , commercial trucks as well as buses, taxi's , and cars
      HPJ may be helping them out
      either way , watch the video, and i think you will see, the battery market is getting ready to explode

    • With this low volume one person getting fed up and selling at market can take it down by percentage points in a single trade. That said, there is no buying driving this up, which is a bit of a concern. In the absence of news I think this will ride down for a while on very low volume. May have a rough ride ahead but long term this is a fairly significant opportunity to accumulate a company who is expanding their market and productivity while transitioning from development to profit. Lots of long-term potential here and that is what investment is all about. Hold what you got, buy when you can. I will double down on my 20K shares as soon as I cash out other positions. One thing I'll point out is their previous company summary said they made money by outsourcing the recycling portion of their business and selling the materials back to customers. Now they are starting up not one but two recycling centers in this quarter, which is going to cut their operating expenses and increase profit margins on recycled batteries.

      Why this doesn't see more volume is really beyond me. I think everyone is waiting for market corrections that are hitting small caps (like this one) and certain other sectors to clear out. Again... this is a long term play.

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      • I agree and I believe everyone knows and gets it. This did create a great buying opp for many. We'll have to see how many take advantage of it and put some pressure on the demand side. As quickly as this moved down it will just as quickly to the upside as well. The co is definetly planning for the future. The numbers will be very good for the next Q. The world needs batteries that is not ever going to change regardless of any situation in the mkts. Recesion or not.

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