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  • sonofapreacher888 sonofapreacher888 May 16, 2014 1:34 PM Flag

    Holding till Jesus comes back

    Great stock. Picked on by large hedge funds just because it is a small company. Supplying Sony with batteries, EV mass transit in China, and solar panel producers. Last year this stock went from one dollar to seven dollars a share. This is just the backside consolidation, and every trader knows the shorts will aim for and cover at 3.50 halfway down from the near term high like always. Anything anybody says in the meantime is just a bunch of bull excrement. Thing I love about it is when it moves to the upside it moves fast because of its small float.

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    • I agree and I am all in for the long haul as well. we all have seen this especially when the mkt is under attack and that attack is close to summer - for some reason the BS flies around this time of year. The manipulators push and shove investors around and make them believe what they want them to. The control everything for real even the mkt news. Thye have the trillions to do so. A 50% haircut is way over done for sure. 30 days untill summer begins. The mkt will rally for two week prior and we'll retrace along with the rally. Either way I am in for the 52 week high.

    • Yup. Looks like we are there. As predicted, the stock hit 3.45 and started bouncing. This Friday afternoon.

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