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  • malgotas malgotas May 23, 2014 3:42 PM Flag

    Who wants to bet....

    Some D-bag who bought in at 3.10 will put in a market order to sell his 20K shares with a minute left and drag us down to zero gain for the day. Anyone?

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    • or not.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Ahhhh so glad I was wrong. Smart money is going to wait until it tops 7 again.

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      • This thing was starting to worry me, I bought in at $5.50 and seen it up to high 7's. It was hard seeing it wither to the low 3's....I think nothing but MM's going naked short on it to suck in shares. I like the large moves it make going up, and the scarcer the shares get, the faster it climbs. However....MM's can still sell it short when they want it to drop.

      • It is very obvious that this last attack by the shorts was indeed orchastrated to acquire shares as needed. They took what they could by taking out stops and scaring mom and pop. As evident with the move back up on retracement the low float is very much in play as they try and cover. They can not at a low price. Even a small demand adds big pressure. As the buying pressure builds the ones that are still short will have to pay up. It is not wise to short this as it has shown what happens if you do so. When they find no sellers after such a dip they have to go and get the stock at a higher price.

        The low volume and a big move indicates that are no sellers for that demand. It would be safe to say that any big demand and no sellers at the cheap will move this 20-40% at a clip in this range. The co is definetly going to grow in the years ahead for sure and the pps will move accordingly. They have tried and train you to trade this from fear of shorting, they have failed with this one. Holding long term with this small OS and low float will produce very high gains. This will be proven out in the months ahead.

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