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  • yusheng0429 yusheng0429 Aug 13, 2014 2:39 PM Flag

    Beautiful quarter report brought minus?


    I'm very interested in who are the dump #$%$ behind kept selling the stock at market price?
    The stock market looks stable and nice today, but this stock just went down, down, down and became minus.
    Unquestionably, HPJ is getting cold now. From the price change, you can see not many investors are willing to buy it.
    We might need some encourage and more good news from the company.

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    • I have seen this in small Chinese microcaps before. A large hedge fund can play with a foreign microcap like a cat with a dead mouse. They hold it under for as long as it takes to make you bubble, and then they cover. SKBI comes to mind. IT had a blowout quarter and over two days the stock plunged two dollars a share I think to 3.50. Two months later, on no news at all, the stock rocketed. Then a little more time to a recent spike of over eight dollars a share. This company has radical spikes also. If you look at a one year chart with Bollinger Bands, you can see where we are. Look at both SKBI and HPJ one years. What do you see?

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      • I would not compare HPJ with a Chinese small Pharma company, here is where you are getting it wrong.... SKBI is a pure play in Chinese Animal Drugs (it is a Domestic China Play, not an international play). HPJ on the other hand has and is doing business in China, Europe, and North America, and has many relationships with many different multinational large companies. The news and business developments that HPJ is working on are huge opportunities across the world... Energy Storage, Electric Vehicles, Solar Lighting, Wearables, Mobile, Consumer Products. Sony, Philips, Costco, Energizer, Sharp, Siemens, Flextronics, Foxxconn, ZTE, Nokia, Logitech, are just some of the relationships they have, and are working on many more. There is no comparison here, once they drop a few more big deals in the space of Solar, EV's or Mobile, the market will have no choice but to take notice, shorts won't stand a chance. This will all happen before this year ends.

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    • We don't need news just for the sake of news and keeping share price up. That's what clown Chinese companies do to take advantage of Western investors. THIS company has the admirable trait of NOT putting out news unless there is actually news to put out. When we DO see news... and I have no doubt that we will... it will be the real deal and this thing will have the attention it deserves. The report today was on par with expectations. There were some who wanted to have a repeat of last quarter, and probably bought on margin to make some fast cash. The fact that it is only very slightly negative today is a good thing, considering all those traders exiting their positions could have pushed it much lower... had there not been equal buying interest today (this is key).

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