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  • rhrengineer1 Oct 4, 2011 11:28 AM Flag


    Anyone have any idea if this merger between Medco & ESRX takes place when it will be?

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    • Looks like the target date is on or before June 30th, and my guess is the deal will go through. They're just doing a little dancing for the FTC to make it look good. I certainly wouldn't short either of these 2 companies right now, with or without the deal they will both make a ton of money. Only see upside from here.

    • Companies involve say supposed to be first half of 2012. Currently MHS just bought out European partnership in last several days so appears business as usual. Currently arbitrage traders r in the mix with a large short position on ESRX. Pretty much the usual gaming in a stock/cash merger. Overall wil not be surprised if stock hits 30s as they attempt to scare stockholders away and get the stock on the cheap. Everybody knows how Paz is.