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  • stockman1930 stockman1930 Jan 7, 2014 1:57 PM Flag

    Warning: please look at AXTG, GBLL possible Ponzi scheme.

    AXTG's stock price was depleted to 0.0002 and then somehow GBLL began distributing the ballasts. MR. William H. Bethell the Chief Strategy Officer and member of the Advisory board of AXTG ended up being the Chief Financial Officer and now owns +/- 16,499,700 shares of GBLL according to Green Ballast Form S-1 filed with the SEC on April 17, 2013. Buyers be warned and please do you homework before buying. I own AXTG and have lost a small fortune. There is definitely something weird going on. Please also look at case 2:10-cv-02166 filed on 12/14/2010 when you search for axtg. I do not own GBLL or plan to own GBLL. I think, in my opinion, this may possibly be a Ponzi scheme.

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    • crazy, yea bethell was with green ballast.. he was fired within the last couple months though. not sure what happened. gbll acquired the patents from axis, but i didn't know axis was publicly traded. funny that he was a director of both companies.

      gbll is fishy as shiz. not sure if what they did was legal or not, but sure didn't smell right. pretty sure they lost a lot of people a lot of money......... but still all the executive came out alright

    • not saying it is a Ponzi scheme, but please do your homework to make sure it is not before investing

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