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  • buyitsoonest888 buyitsoonest888 Jul 24, 2014 5:59 AM Flag

    directors purchases

    above all the noise and name calling on this board ( and this makes up 90% + sadly ) are the FACTS that hundreds of thousands of shares have been acquired by management of ITKG these past six months. A purchase in June of nearly 400,000 during a non black out period, says all I have to know here. NOT SEEN ANY SALES OF NOTE. Note these purchases are often reported weeks after they occur.
    Would management buy if the future looked as it was 2 years back or it still looked bleak ?

    I have asked this question many times. Price action this past ten days supports the idea that many investors have a bullish stance. Conference calls further add to this. They are professional in what they say and how its said.

    time to add a few more...

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    • sorry buyit but soonto crushed you on this issue. "they acquired" isnt they bought with their own money. i love when public company execs and directors think they are entitled to pay for accomplishing nothing. in a private company you get paid for profitable sales. in this company you get paid for nothing. work is meaningless. profits are meaningful.

    • Purchased? Not sure Acquired? Yes, by conversion... at a rate of 3.69 to 1.

      See note (1):

      Explanation of Responses:
      1. On June 12, 2014, the reporting person acquired 382,151 shares of common stock through the conversion of 103,673 preferred shares at a conversion price of $0.271. This conversion was pursuant to the designation of rights of the preferred shares.

      I wonder what those "designation of rights" were? Does the conversion price apply to the preferred shares converted or to the common shares acquired? Were the conversion costs paid for out of Ince`s pocket or were they taken out of accounts payable for back wages owed to Ince?

      3.69 to 1. Free money? More accounting #$%$-#$%$`s ?

      Preferred shares have 2 main advantages.
      1) "Preference" in payment of dividend. (What`s the recent dividend history? Any cash or just another add-on to accts. payable?)
      2) "preference" in claim on assets at the time of liquidation. (What assets? A hand#$%$l of cash and a drawer #$%$ll of unused patents?)

      As usual there are more questions than answers. And every answer seems to come with a truck load of strings attached and a barrel #$%$ll of ya, buts. It seems that 2 plus 2 more often than not never quite makes it to 4.

      Not A Stranger

    • Yea, the direktors cant get paid in reel munnee sew they take diluted shares in lieu and then sell them when the stok getz up a fyoo sents. LOL

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      • the CEO has said numerous times and as recently as this past Monday, August 21st (three days ago), that no insiders are selling or will sell anytime in the near future. we'll chose to believe the CEO who has a track record of doing 100% of what he says he'll do, thank you very much!

        one last thing, where are the form 4 for all that selling you're talking about. bet you can't find one if your life depended on it because they don't exist? if they sell they have to file a Form 4. prove me wrong. go ahead, i dare you!

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