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  • mfe1740 mfe1740 Nov 15, 2002 1:20 PM Flag

    news from Khazakistan

    Kazakhstan to Increase Oil Production to 100 Mln Tonnes by 2010

    ASTANA (Interfax) - Kazakhstan is planning to increase the amount of oil it extracts to an annual 100 million tonnes by the year 2010, Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev said Wednesday in an address to the second congress of Kazakh youth in Astana. The president noted that the country's oil and gas complex represents around 30% of the Kazakh economy.

    "I think that oil production will reach 60 million tonnes by 2005, 100 million tonnes by 2010," Nazarbayev predicted.

    Other sectors, particularly mining and metallurgy, mineral fertilizer production and the agribusiness complex, also play an important part in the country's economy, he said.

    "In the future, we will all be looking with hope at our country's oil and gas sector," Nazarbayev said.

    As to the pace of future economic development in Kazakhstan, the president noted that the country is implementing a program for the construction of transport corridors for exporting energy resources, thousands of kilometers of roads are being built, likewise rail lines, a port on the Caspian Sea (in Aktau in Western Kazakhstan) and airports.

    In the next two or three years, oil and condensate extraction will be increasing roughly five million tonnes each year. Production plans for this year are for around 45 million tonnes against last year's 40 million tonnes.

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    • Yeah, the penicillin after. That's the proper order all right.
      When I was at Ft. Sill, rumor had it that some guys either neglected that bit entirely, or got confused as to the proper sequence. Somethin'.

      Anyway... wound up, some of em having their diseased genitals immortalized in a training film. One so disgustingly horrifying (picture a banana in an advanced state of oozing, blackened putrefaction being peeled apart with a pair of gardening shears and a set of pliers), that it scared a lotta guys into life long celibacy.

      Before that, I thought the one on trench foot was bad.
      But ugh! Made *that* particular affliction look about as menacing as a mild case of dandruff.

    • Uh....OK....sure....

      It may be a good "trader," but it's been a poor long term investment and continues to be. Sorry, I forgot again...nobody invests any more now that we have TA to tell us our moves minute by minute.

      At one time this was one of the premier US and frontier drillers. Now its slogan seems to be "Praise the Lord and sell the nonstrategic assets." The only mystery is why they haven't reverse split yet. Here's a company talking sale of assets to stay afloat and three months ago it was in a bidding war for an Aussie driller. Does a pinball machine analogy work?

      Forget the penicillin, take two seconals and wash them down with a pint of sloe gin. If you wake up dazed or with a headache, apply a double dose of Oklahoma City hookers liberally until the sensation ceases. Then take the penicillin.

      good luck trading.

    • Carry on. PKD has driven many a good man to drink.

    • I just ran a comparison chart of PKD and Grey Wolf. I rememeber when Grey Wolf was less than a dollar and PKD was around $4. I guess GW will now lap PKD several times like NBR did long ago. Glug glug glug glug glug glug!

    • It only proves one thing to me...and if you have been around the industry as long as you is a tough business and requires lots of long-term planning and large amounts of money.

      "PKD has been incredibly poorly managed"

      That is why I have always said it is a good TRADING STOCK...but you is not too late to change...and if you get in under $2 and Parker does what the street asks them to do...then going from $2 to $4 is a lot of money where I come from.

      So if Parker is making a mistake...only time will it my fault???...I don't think so. What I can tell every time Parker has gone in the $2's or below the last 4 years...I have made money.

      So we all know why Parker is called POS...but I can assure you of one thing...some of the biggest money winners of all time in my short 15 years in the market have come from POS's like Parker...some even made Parker look like it has a balance sheet.

      So put your fork in Parker...doesn't matter to me...but someone might take it out and shove it up your ass soon.

      Now...I don't know if I should be honored you replied to one of my post or go get a double dose of Penicillin.


    • "I think You have to learn a little more about trading.........?"

      I don't know why....48% profits on PKD so far in 02. Last time it got this low...I made a lot of money while you boys were beating your doom and gloom drums looking in the headlights.

      I pray for the stock to go down in the cellar...that is when you buy them rocket boy!!!! I will be ready when the selling is done.

      Should I call you Kuz????


    • If You like to earn money, the marked must be there. Today a new "market" are very hot. So I give My litle tip away, as many have loost or waiting for gaining here. Go to EDSN and do Your own DD. Very crowdy at the board with pumpers and bashers!

      Good Luck!

    • That some of us who've been around the industry a long time realized that selling those rigs to UNT was at best a stopgap for PKD unless intl. rig rates climbed drastically. The fact that they waited two years and that a new CFO is making these moves only serves to point out the truth in the "PKD has been incredibly poorly managed" argument that has been so loudly and whiningly castigated here by so many stock market mavens. That same contingent posted numerous msgs of the opinion that the UNT sale and the Kazak barge contracts and the addition of a Russian to the BoD etc etc etc meant they had bought one of the great cheap sleeper giant stocks, that they'd be rolling in money because they had the foresight to buy PKD on the basis of PKD's brilliant strategic plan to exit the US mkt etc etc. Most of those guys are holding court elsewhere now and feigning amnesia.

    • CouleC,
      I think You have to learn a little more about trading.........?
      Why not take some more education? Many are out of work and there should be a big marked waiting out there. Use the time for some learnings and prepare for better jobs and so on...

      Sorry for this f***'gs stock going down to the cellar!


    • "Gee, like none of us predicted this about three months after they sold the last batch of land rigs to UNT. And without TA."

      Gee....settheslips answered one of my post. So what is your point????


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