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    • They are one and the same aircraft. The F4-G was
      a special Phantom used by the Air Force for Wild
      Weasel operations. All
      F4's were Phantoms. To the
      best of my knowledge, the Marine Corps
      was the last
      branch of the military to use them. The last model
      the Phantom they used was the RF4-J. Recon. birds,
      and they would sh-- and get. There are still several
      countries, thru out
      the world, that are still using the
      old Phantom. It was probably
      one of the ugliest
      airplanes ever manufactured, unless you flew
      it, and it
      became beautiful. Was called the "Bent Wing
      by more than one non flying maintainance officer. I
      guess they were the last of the high performance jets
      that you could "feel".
      The new stuff is all "fly by
      wire", and in my estimation is flown
      by kids waiting
      for a short circuit to happen. It's all part of
      by-gone era, and as you can probably tell, I ain't taking
      this "new" age too well.Ha. A sign of maturity, or
      just an old fart?
      T34 B

    • T34B, thank you for your service to our country.
      I'm a former Marine, 69-71. The F-4 was the aircraft
      of choice for the Marine Corp.

      Back then we
      called them Phantoms. Are these the same aircraft now
      known as Weasels? If so, when did the name

      Thanks for your earlier post regarding the


    • On the occasion of getting my first PC, and it
      hasn't been that
      long ago, I had to come up with a
      "handle" for Yahoo! etc. My imagination wasn't very large,
      and every name I selected had been
      taken. Having a
      deep and abiding interest in aviation, I
      typing in types of AC I had either flown or was familiar
      T34B was about the 6th choice, with the
      others preceeding it having already been

      The T34B was the primary Navy training aircraft of my
      day. Two place, tandem, and a neat little AC. I owned
      one until about 18 mos. ago, and sold it to a friend
      in Odessa-Midland. (He is a lifelong friend, and
      Yankee, from New Jersey, and son of a farmer. His parents
      owned several acres of that NE Jersy land-the
      expensive ag. land in the US.)

      Yes, I flew A-4's in
      two different WestPac's in late 60's and
      70's. Flew F-4's in the Reserves-middle 70's. With your
      knowledge and affinity for San Miguel and Karin Beers, I
      suspect you of having a little "blue water" time? T34 B

    • Just what does T34B stand for? Is it an airplane designation or something similar? As I recall, you were 'nam, flying something, right?

      Still off the butts?

    • If this message is intended for me, please contact me @my yahoo
      mail address. T34 B

    • Wheelchair bound man needs a house or OKCY area.Non-smoker,no drugs or alcohol.No pets or children.Works everyday!


    • sure glad you came through all that ok. i was up
      most of the nite watchin and monitoring the
      situation,got to admit its times like this that im glad i left
      okla. although in less than 30 days hurricane seasons
      kicks off.they aint no fun either. as i write this the
      storms continue to intensify and develop. sure glad to
      hear you have a storm cellar. you must be around
      pontotoc gonna keep close to the radar today,the
      weather here is ugly,76 degrees,windy. 29.66 and
      prayers are with you and all up there. keep that
      cellar door open!!
      the kid....

    • Yesiree Bob, I too believe in luck, and
      definitely believe in not
      looking back after making a
      decision. Have made my share of mistakes, but learned a
      long time ago to try and learn from them
      and sleep
      well at night. Water under the bridge is definitely
      just that.

      We are starting the morning out with
      another weather bang here in
      Oklahoma. Most of central
      OK. is under tornado watches/warnings
      already. The
      big one that hit OKC yesterday, they figure was
      the ground for 19 miles, and at times was over 1 mile
      wide. To think all of these poor souls lost and with
      advance warning!! Here at my place, we had lots of wind,
      rain, and hail, but the
      big storm cells went north
      of us.

      AZI, watch yourself today. I get
      reports from the Severe Storms
      Labs in Norman, OK.,
      and they've got your area tagged today.

      T34 B

    • Our prayers are with you my man. Trust in the
      Lord (and I know that you do) and things will have a
      way of working themselves out. I've also called the
      American Red Cross and placed a donation with this thought
      in mind,"Praise the Lord and pass the ammo".

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