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  • yahoo yahoo May 11, 2005 8:39 PM Flag

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    • I appreciate your effort, hell i guess i'll just
      continue to hide and watch. yeah i know 6 mos. is pushin
      it,aw well what the hell,thanks for your thoughts. hey
      maybe we ought to start our own private pkd club like
      patton did to weed out these wannabe ragheads and the
      like, i dont no, what do you think??? and the others
      the kid...

    • EDIG is now at $2-3/8, up from $.10 two weeks ago.


    • Real time I am here


    • No EDIG.

      Yes on NUKO, check it out!

      later: doglegs

    • Hey Steve, glad you are doing good with the SESI.
      Yes, I agree,
      patience is a virtue, in all things.
      Thought I had been blessed
      with a considerable amount
      of it myself, but have found recently
      that I need
      to acquire some more. FWIW, I think you are
      homage to, and giving thanks to the right entity. T34 B

    • That was a fine piece of work prepared by the
      Petro Association and from my perch, I wouldn't dare
      suggest anything was amiss with the facts presented. I
      would, however, challenge a couple of their conclusions.
      As usual, I don't have the slightest bit of evidence
      to support my conclusions other than my recollection
      of what all I've read over the years.

      here goes: When Crude settles "back" to eighteen
      dollars a barrel (assuming it went through that level
      coming and going a couple of times before stabilizing),
      I don't believe the independent producers will be
      able to resist jumping back to their old ways again.
      As is typical, they will seek to muster all the rigs
      they can to work their plan as they always have. The
      drillers and E&P's will do their darnest to screw each
      other as is normal and their will be winners and losers
      as the cycle begins anew.

      From what I've been
      reading lately, at no time during the last up cycle did
      the land drillers ever start building rigs again or
      at least they never did to any significant degree.
      Now, taking the article literally, assuming there are
      fewer E&P types willing to jump in at the git go, there
      will also likely be fewer rigs available for the
      demand that comes, regardless of how great it is. Sure
      there will be laggards. PKD, on the driller side of the
      equation, was last time until Forbes (much to PKD's denial)
      kick started them into doing what they knew they
      should have done but had allowed complacentcy to set in.
      Regardless, they did work their plan but had the rug pulled
      out from under them BUT so long as this recovery
      takes hold and runs, they should come out just fine,

      Perfect balance betweeen the E&P's demand and the
      Driller's supply? Naw, never happen, but enough to light a
      spark under day rates and utilization. Anyway, with PKD
      trending even more to offshore and deep specialized
      drilling for gas, internationally (especially
      internationally) and domestically, I don't think they will be as
      severely impacted by lesser than norm demand by a decline
      in the number of US DOMESTIC drilling opportunities.
      Just a hunch and not supported by anything but
      observation, but PKD hasn't been refocusing for nothing. I
      believe they saw the handwriting on the wall and I, also,
      believe they are trying to position themselves to react
      to just what that "white paper" report
      suggested...anyway, whether entirely correct or not, it was a
      position paper, while based on fact, the author's
      organization has an agenda behind it. After all, that's what
      the organization's members pay them to
      dod....represents the energy industry's interests to the press, the
      public, various state legislatures, and the Congress.
      Assuming again, I read the article correctly and to whom
      it was targeted. Thanks for sharing the article but
      I still think $18 a barrel crude, sustained, will
      be enough to spark the up cycle we are all hoping


    • You feet dry or wet? Have been out of contact for
      quite a bit.
      I just got in on the tail end of a CNBC
      Market Wrap conversation
      this afternoon. Some feller
      was saying to get ready to unload your cyclicals--but
      Not Yet!!! He seems to think that there is

      already some strong evidence that there is some
      production cheating going on--none other than Venzuela is
      the big culprit right now. I agree with your
      sentiment that "this is

      After getting the PC up and running again, have read
      several of the "Khan" posts. Am convinced this person/s
      have a camel dung
      fixation. Would just about bet
      they have been smoking the stuff.
      To each his own.
      T34 B

    • T34B, I know your message was not meant for me,
      but when I read your post I just could not help but
      post a reply, I have been buying SESI on dips for the
      last year, and well,let me say I am content. Superior
      in my estimation is a strong co., and will reward
      the patient investor.Fall is long gone, Winter is
      history, the blooming of spring is here. For those of us
      who planted our seeds on the cold days of late fall,
      and patiently waited through the cold of winter, our
      reward is close at hand.
      As I sit here I look out
      over the fields of my investments, and I see, fresh
      clods of soil gently turned over by the emerging
      seed,turned over slowly, yet consistenly. Soon the corn will
      be knee high by the fourth of July, the beans,clean
      and ripe. My Brothers life does not get better than
      this. In conclusion, allow me to say this, The good
      Lord has given us many examples in his creation, all
      we have to do do is live by His principles and open
      our eyes to his truth, and patience is one truth that
      he has been attempting to teach us for thousands of
      years, yet we seem to blind to see. As for me I will get
      get down on my knees and thank my maker for his
      bountifull blessings for myself and my family. May the Lord
      bless you and keep you. " Steve"

    • Yeah, they're arguing back and forth about
      whether it was an F4 or F5. (The cell that hit OKC).
      Tremendous amount of damage. If you live in this area of the
      country, you pretty well take it for granted that
      tornadoes will come this time of year. But you never get
      used to it. I guess we're by cyclonic weather like
      people in S. California are with the earth quakes. Well,
      it looks
      like the worst of it is over for the
      night, so I'm going to lay it down for a while. Much
      obliged for the kind thoughts and words
      Steve. The
      folks 50 miles nw of me appreciate it. Just now
      the confirmed death toll is 26, and the're still
      digging them out. T34 B

    • Dont worry its to late for that.We will appreciate soon you shall see.What goes down must come up oil that is texas t you get the message

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