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  • soulec soulec Aug 20, 2013 2:12 PM Flag

    Hey gray...

    Is Parker buying today? The gap down was another opportunity and PKD bounced off both 50/200 and filled gap back up with value buyers.

    So, don't assume Parker is going down or they don't care, wall street drives the sp not Parker, all in all, Parker is a good company...IMO!

    I understand the market, but I never invest in companies that are not solid companies, it limits the risk!

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    • Soul Man...Down another 18 cents. Why all the uptown boys at!!!

    • Yes, they bumped off the 50/200 MDA and fell "DOWN" the shaft. From $6.14 to $5.87 in 3 days with little news and what news there was good. This stock has been at 6 more times this year then Satan's mark. This company is a lost cause for appreciation. Anyone that invests in this stock better sell it anytime over $6, because this piece of #$%$ cannot go any further. Historically its been a trading stock only. All the good news about the quarter was an instrument for the shorts only. When it gets back to mid $5's I will buy again, and I will sell it again at $6. Its clockwork!!!

    • What a re#$%$-u-l-us statement. Look at the chart. Down another -20 cents. You think Parker cares?

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      • No they don't care about sp cause they are running a business, stocks go up and down with market, has nothing to do with you or Parker. You seem angry, I'll assume you work for Parker or Grey Wolf?

        We recommended Parker below $4 and we still like it long(2 to 5 years) and will trade those ups and down that make you so angry, to us its income.

        I've found that 60% of people hate their jobs and bash the companies that pay their house note, car note, food, clothing, technology and all bills/expenses for their family/kids.

        So my recommendation, add some to your retirement account for when you retire!

        Happy Happy Happy!

    • Down another -20 cents.

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