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  • red_ant_ red_ant_ Apr 16, 1999 8:25 PM Flag

    LC & T34 - Crude Oil & PKD

    what kollmnh says is true, what matters to PKD is
    the number of rigs working, not the price of oil. and
    the number of rigs doesn't always follow the oil
    price. see

    having said that i think Kollmnh might be missing the
    forest for the trees. if asia is turning around, even if
    a bunch of higher office mexicans say OPEC isn't
    sticking together, the surplus oil will be sopped

    i bought some PKD today, might buy some more
    monday. if the world economy is recovering this is a good
    time to get in. the only downside is PKD bankruptcy
    and/or worldwide recession

    notice Greenspan
    ragging Clinton about free trade. he's giving him cover
    to get China in the WTO. capitalism works and china
    and india have socialist/communist governments and
    1/3, yes 1/3, of the worlds population. and they are
    smart folks, too

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    • i've been harping about silver and own a ton of
      Apex Silver, i got in at 9.5 average and it's at 11
      now. the coming wireless age is going to be battery
      powered. plus, it's an inflation hedge if commodities do
      come back. plus buffet and soros own huge

      article quote, url at bottom

      Silver used in
      batteries is estimated at 3.4 million ounces for 1994,
      according to the World Silver Survey 1995. The major
      application continues to be the small
      button-shaped silver
      oxide cell found most commonly in watches and hand-held
      electronic devices. Silver oxide batteries play a leading
      role in the emerging
      hand-held electronic product
      market because other types of cells must be larger to
      deliver an equivalent amount of power. Hearing aids,
      underwater research
      equipment and aerospace applications
      are among other industries relying on silver oxide

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