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  • T34B T34B Apr 16, 1999 8:53 PM Flag

    LC & T34 - Crude Oil & PKD

    Having my nightly fight with Yahoo. This is the
    second time I've
    tried to get a post up.

    can't stand it anymore!! I guess, come Monday Morn., I
    will go
    ahead and get a little more PKD. I dread
    it. Common sense tells
    me that the fundamentals
    haven't changed, and this recent rise is
    due to "hot
    air". Nevertheless, for the first time in about 9
    months, I am making money on my driller and oil holdings.
    upswing has not only lasted longer than I guessed, it
    seems to be
    building momentum. So----you guys put on
    your crash helmets. I buy any more, rest assured it
    will shortly make a smoking hole in

    I honestly don't care whether we use TA,
    Fundamentals, Tea Leaves
    or Ouija Boards--none of this makes
    any sense. I have fallen back
    on the WAG method,
    and use everybody else's analysis as
    carrots to prop up my moves.

    Doglegs, I too have
    increased my consumption of all your vices,
    and even
    spice it with an occasional Black Jack and Branch
    Had to give up the chew several years ago. My better
    half allows
    as how nobody will get in her bed that
    has had stuff in their mouth that looks like it came
    out of a Mule's Ass. For the sake
    of Marital Bliss
    and all that rot, you know? T34 B

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    • Been layin' up in South FL lately.

      Sun an
      Fun and Points beyond.

      Aint checked stocks and
      boards for a week....

      Sommbitch, What

      And to you, T34, since I hauled out more Black Jack
      outta' country, after leavin' EAA's tender care, than I
      brought in, should I not be elegibile for som kinda'
      customs refund?


    • Taking into consideration that damn near every
      stock I've put money in, in the past generally sits
      there and trades sideways or goes in the hole, and
      hearing you and others are pondering more PKD on monday,
      HERES THE DEAL.I'll sell my PKD and turn it into
      NBR,then you go ahead and buy more PKD.The NBR play will
      see doglegs is on the bandwagon (thus having a
      negative effect on NBR)driving NBR stock down into
      complete oblivian.PKD will see doglegs is out of the PKD
      play(thus having a positive effect on PKD)driving PKD stock
      "UP" into complete oblivian.I will then buy back some
      PKD stock under the cover and protection of my wifes
      name and join in on the upride.Just think about it,
      maybe after about 6 mos of total caos within NBR,
      Parker could probably buy them out for a song and a

      Back to basics> PKD came out ahead on my list of
      drilling contractors today.
      PKD 10.71%
      NBR 7.91%
      SDC 4.03%

      Later: doglegs

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