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  • ezgreen ezgreen Apr 24, 1999 2:44 PM Flag


    What the hell happend? Did you fall off the camel
    and land on your head? What is the new name for your
    death spiral. I was almost convinced to short PKD and
    cover at 1.00.(Not) As we say down here in Georgia "I
    heard That or You got that Right". Peace

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    • actually is going up, wow. was as high as 13.25. have no idea why. don't worry, good ol' Putrid Driller Co. will eventually make it up to 5, before settling back to 4, of course

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    • Wednesday April 28, 6:24 pm Eastern Time
      climbs again, shares rise despite poor earnings
      Haitham Haddadin

      NEW YORK, April 28 (Reuters) -
      Oil prices resumed their long recovery on Wednesday,
      again hitting highs not seen since the end of 1997
      after getting a turbo charge from reports showing a
      drop in U.S. crude inventories.

      The firm oil
      price put the energy sector as a whole back on a rising
      track, lifting major oil companies and oil service
      shares by between 3 percent and 8 percent, while broader
      share indices moved little.

      Crude futures for
      June delivery on the New York Mercantile Exchange
      (NYMEX) soared to a 16-month high of $18.54 a barrel --
      the highest since Dec. 18, 1997, when it touched
      $18.65 -- before settling Wednesday at $18.45, up 64
      cents on the day.

      Unleaded gasoline futures for
      May delivery on NYMEX also rose, settling at 53.89
      cents a gallon, up 1.29 cents from Tuesday, while May
      heating oil futures ended up 1.06 cents at 44.11 cents a

      ``The market has been freewheeling on the upside and
      continues to do so in response to the'' latest inventory
      decline, said C.W. Hornsby, an independent Houston oil

      The market also took comfort from a monthly Reuters
      survey of oil consultants estimating that the
      Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries, excluding
      exempt Iraq, cut production by 1.46 million barrels per
      day in April, a high level of compliance with pledged
      cuts of 1.716 million bpd, which took effect at the
      start of the month. Non-OPEC oil producers also agreed
      to cut output or exports by 388,000 bpd as part of
      that March agreement, bringing the total in pledged
      cuts to 2.1 million bpd.

      Claudia LaCovey, a
      senior analyst at Bethesda, Md.-based Analytics Research
      Corp., saw June futures' next near-term target as
      $18.60, followed by a run at $18.98.

      ``So far
      there is no indication that the trend is going to
      change. We expect prices to continue to move higher,''
      she said.

      However, some analysts struck a note
      of caution, especially about the reports from the
      American Petroleum Institute, a Washington-based trade
      group, and the government's Energy Information Agency.
      In their weekly analysis, both showed a drop in
      crude inventories and refinery activity, though
      volatile seasonal swings might have accounted for the
      reversal of the recent trend.

      ``We're curious as to
      what may really be going on behind the numbers,''
      noted Tim Evans of Pegasus Econometrics in New

      Nevertheless, the bullish outlook won the day, and shares rose
      across the board, despite the recent crop of sharply
      lower first-quarter earnings. The oil sector was again
      boosted as big investors switched out of ``growth''
      sectors, like high-tech and pharmaceuticals, and into
      ``cyclicals,'' which has been a big factor in boosting the
      shares of oil and oil services firms from 40 percent to
      80 percent in the last two months.

      Wednesday, Unocal Corp. (UCL - news), a California-based oil
      and gas company, said first-quarter profits fell by
      more than 70 percent year-on-year because of depressed
      prices and lower production.

      But Unocal shares
      shot up $4.6875 to $44.25 on Wednesday in composite
      New York Stock Exchange trading.

      Most other
      oil company shares gained, driving the S&P
      International Oil Index (.SPOILI - news) tracking major
      integrated oil companies up over 5.00 percent to a 52-week
      high of 991.96 on Wednesday, before it ebbed a bit to
      end at 977.45, up 3.52 percent on the


    • Thats the kind of good news I've been waiting to
      Now all we need is a conformation between PKD and
      Exxon,Mobil,or Socar on a drilling contract.
      The only down
      side is, is if they are waiting on the seismic it
      could take upwords of a year before they are ready to
      make some hole.
      I think I'll start checking out
      some pipeline contractors such as possibly Brown and
      Root because if they hit some major pay they are
      definetly going to need a "Major Pipeline" in the

      happy trading> doglegs

    • The below excerpts from a Houston Chronicle
      (online) article regarding agreement signings (primarily
      "deepwater," however) in the area Parker has designated as the
      'future' of the company has to be considered newsworthy,
      in my opinion.

      >>April 27,
      1999, 09:31 p.m.

      >>Three U.S. oil
      companies sign Azerbaijani exploration pacts
      By DAVID
      Copyright 1999 Houston Chronicle Washington
      >>WASHINGTON -- Three American oil companies -- Exxon Corp.,
      Mobil Corp. and Moncrief Oil International -- signed
      agreements Tuesday to explore for oil in the former Soviet
      republic of Azerbaijan.

      Azerbaijani President
      Heydar Aliyev said at a signing ceremony in

      Washington that the three projects -- if fully successful --
      could mean $10 billion of investment over the next 30
      years for the Caspian Sea nation.

      affiliate Exxon Exploration and Production Caspian Sea
      Ltd., based in Houston and Baku, signed a deal to
      explore a 250-square-mile block in a deepwater portion of
      the Caspian Sea.

      The block, located about 75
      miles southeast of Baku, the Azerbaijani capital,
      contains the Zafar and Mashal geologic structures. Water
      depths range from 1,800 to 2,900 feet.

      "We look
      forward to beginning exploration activities in the near

      future," said K.T. "Terry" Koonce, president of the Exxon
      affiliate. "While the Zafar/Mashal Block is believed to be a
      very attractive prospect, drilling will be required to
      confirm the presence of hydrocarbons."

      Exxon will
      hold a 30 percent stake in the project. Azerbaijan's

      state-owned oil company, Socar, will hold a 50 percent
      interest and a yet-to-be-named third oil company will hold
      the remaining 20 percent share.

      Va.-based Mobil will explore a 316-square-mile, deepwater
      block in the Caspian about 130 miles south of Baku.
      Located in waters ranging from 1,150 to 2,300 feet, the
      block contains the Savalan, Dalga, Lerik-Deniz and
      Janub prospects. As with the Exxon project, Mobil will
      hold a 30 percent share, Socar a 50 percent stake and
      an undesignated player will hold the remainder.

      Mobil has committed to conduct seismic work on the
      project and drill at least two wells over the next three

      Fort Worth-based Moncrief will explore an
      onshore block in the Kura River Valley, about 60 miles
      southwest of Baku. Moncrief holds an 80 percent stake in
      that project, with Socar taking a 20 percent stake.

      Both Exxon and Mobil already are involved in the
      Caspian region.
      [clip, clip]

      companies' increased investment in the region comes at a
      time when some competitors are scaling back their
      investments, frustrated by disappointing exploration efforts
      and deterred by the cost of transporting oil out of
      the region.

    • in a third world country...

      So go away Smokin' Joe,

      steve USA

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