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  • KhalidKKahn KhalidKKahn May 19, 1999 4:41 PM Flag

    Take a look at EEE news. EOM

    your medicine. Dad (the King)said you did receive
    your shipment last Friday and he's con(fad)ent you
    will obey his law. He also said you may put the "Fun"
    back in dys"fun"ctional and he's proud of you becoming
    a real investor again. His message to you Brother
    Kahn is as follows:
    1)Obey the rules of investing
    (hold long term)
    2)follow the lead of the best
    3)don't argue with fellow investors/posters
    4)say your
    sorry to all board members
    5)use real money and stop
    taking my monopoly cash
    6)Call mewag and give him
    some medication (just kidding)
    7)Change your
    8)Call Dad (the King)and mom (number 9)and pay her back
    with a dinner for two.
    9)Invest in other Oil
    10)Read The Bards News letter


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    • with you, respectfully, about the advice your
      poor brother, Khalid R. Khan, should be expected to
      follow. Many of your suggestions are fine, but, LCBard is
      a giant turd incapable of original thought. LCBard
      has probably spent his life in and out of mental
      institutions. His commentary is so bland and stunted it is
      obvious he has spent a lifetime on anti-schizophrenic
      drugs and now has Tardives Diskinesia. Your suggestion
      that Khalid should follow the investment advice of
      LCBard is tantamount to suggesting Khalid should invest
      in bat guano. I urge you to use your better
      judgement and give your brother better advise.

      With fond regard,


      • 2 Replies to Short__Buster2
      • I'm sure LC is more than capable of defending
        himself from stupid assholes of your ilk, but just had to
        comment on your semi literate post,you neo facist prick.
        Crawl back under the rock you came from. buster

      • I did a little research on this jerk, found this
        most intelligent post of his,he cant spell,he cant
        write,semi literate bullshit,makes no sense at all,this guy
        is nothing but a trouble making idiot the same kind
        as mefag and kahn??? i wonder? sure it is, one and
        the same.
        the date is 8-6-98 (about the same
        time he created his name)

        By: Short_Buster2

        2009 of 6605
        These guys are one or two at
        most who
        change their name all the time.
        are doing the same to other
        stocks as Parker.
        They want
        to scare peopel to sell Parker.
        know cash flow is more
        imporatant than earnings.
        They don't
        care. Are you scared? They lie
        want you to be and for you to
        sell your stock to
        them. Read
        message 1800 here on Parker
        YOu will know what they are
        doing if you do.

        Posted: 08/06/98, 12:57PM EDT as a reply to: Msg
        2008 by tradingame

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