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  • The_Son_Of_Clubber_Lang The_Son_Of_Clubber_Lang Jun 9, 1999 6:53 PM Flag

    Best Wishes Brother, do what a Lang

    would do on his birthday. Get two of those asian
    massage girls and have a blast. And buy more gold for
    around your neck!
    Or come on down to Jersey. That
    flood of refugees is starting to wear alittle thin and
    them girls will be turning tricks for ten bucks before
    the summer is out. The Fort Dix Brothel.

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    • You think you're so funny and tough. You sound
      like someone who has lost his pants in the market. I
      think the birthday boy can get a better deal out of
      your sisters for a massage, I am sure they are much
      cheaper than the "asian girls" or the

      And I think someone shit in you family gene
      Go get a life you p.o.Sh&t.

    • NBR pushed a paper in front of them Parker boys and they wouldn't sign???? I'll get some chumps down there to make them see the light into laying some ink on that paper.

    • Thursday night we were about to take KSWS off the
      list as they ran up great for us then fell off hard.
      But now it appears like they are turning back up
      again so lets keep an eye on them and see if they can
      recover. We would like to add the other big name cruise
      line RCL to the service list today. They have been
      moving very well and although CCL has been bumping up
      against resistance for quite a while we think they could
      bust through it this week. Both cruise lines should
      gain well on the ceasefire in Kosovo which had wrecked
      havoc with their business in the area. We still like
      TYC, and BAANF longer term.

      This is where I�m
      at: YHOO@179 on 4/1, sold on 4/5@219. SFE@68.5 on
      4/1, sold on 4/13@115. RNWK@68.31 on 4/1, sold on
      4/12@123.5, CMGI@187.7 on 4/1, sold on 4/12@302.


    • June 14, 1999


      Venezuela's Oil Union Says
      Strike Is Definite on

      Dow Jones Newswires

      CARACAS, Venezuela --
      The strike of about 70,000 Venezuelan oil
      scheduled to start at 5 a.m. local time (6:00 a.m. EDT)
      Monday for an indefinite period of time is
      absolute, a spokesman of the
      main union said

      "There's no way back," the spokesman of
      Fedepetrol said. "The
      government and representatives of
      Petroleos de Venezuela SA, or
      PDVSA, failed to show up
      at the scheduled meeting this Sunday
      he added. "We have no other option than calling for
      a strike,"
      he said.

      A spokeswoman of
      the presidential palace said President Hugo
      will address the nation at 8 p.m. local time
      Sunday (9 p.m. EDT) in a
      televised speech. "He will
      outline the strategy toward the oil strike," she

      said. She couldn't give any comment on whether a
      last-minute agreement
      remains within the

      Currently, the president is meeting with Oil
      Minister Ali Rodriguez and
      representatives of PDVSA.
      Earlier Sunday, Mr. Chavez said in his weekly
      talk show "Hello President" that if the unions want a
      war, they can
      get it. "And I appeal to the oil
      workers not to listen to these union leaders,"

      "If there are oil workers striking Monday, I
      personally will visit them at oil
      plants and convince
      them to go back to work," he said.

      The dispute
      arose last Tuesday when PDVSA announced it wouldn't
      an average 8% pay raise to employees working
      under a collective
      bargaining contract because the
      company was already paying
      above-average salaries.
      The contract, which expires in November, was

      scheduled for renegotiation June 28.

      However, PDVSA
      officials maintain that the current contract contains a

      clause allowing the company to revise merit-based raises
      and that the
      company is therefore not obliged to
      give them.

      On Thursday, a PDVSA spokesman said
      the wage freeze would stand and
      that the company
      had the resources to maintain its normal output
      levels for
      up to two weeks. Defense Minister Gen.
      Raul Salazar told reporters
      Saturday that military
      units were stepping up their security patrols
      oil industry installations.

    • Can't say that I blame you for getting out of
      PKD, Doglegs. That
      doesn't disqualify you from
      posting to the board, however. Would
      still like to
      hear from you. And thanks for giving him a good

      "send Off" LC.

      For the life of me, I can't
      understand what attracts the vulgar
      and vile to this
      board. It gets pretty hard to ignore, even
      someone as rough around the edges as myself. Being
      evidentally lends much back bone to the impure at heart.
      I fully expect a person to utter an occasional
      "shit", especially
      if they have a mouth full of it, I
      have found that even an occasional "fu--" is a poor
      replacement, indeed, for honesty and integrity. It's kind of
      like mixing manure and ice cream: all the
      mixing in
      the world doesn't make it very palatable. Oh well,
      guess manners and public decency have gone the way of
      the hat rack in the local coffee shop. We're a lot
      poorer for it. T34 B

    • you are such a happy go lucky personality.makes me yurn for don rickles.

    • So are you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • that management has joined a monestary and henceforth the vow of silence

    • Red_Ant....thank you for your fine posting ,
      comparing Patterson and Parker, a few differences are (1)
      Patterson is 100 percent domestic, and (2) Patterson has no
      offshore rigs and barges.
      Parker is a truly global land
      drilling company. Granted the domestic decline in drilling
      was more sever than the overseas decline, so PTEN
      should rebound faster than PKD, all other factors being

    • PKD is SHIT !

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