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  • The_Son_Of_Clubber_Lang The_Son_Of_Clubber_Lang Jun 9, 1999 6:53 PM Flag

    Best Wishes Brother, do what a Lang

    would do on his birthday. Get two of those asian
    massage girls and have a blast. And buy more gold for
    around your neck!
    Or come on down to Jersey. That
    flood of refugees is starting to wear alittle thin and
    them girls will be turning tricks for ten bucks before
    the summer is out. The Fort Dix Brothel.

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    • clown better not bring himself back to the house of Lang. Get on back with that jester clown who looks like one of them Insane Clown Posse fools.

    • You think you're so funny and tough. You sound
      like someone who has lost his pants in the market. I
      think the birthday boy can get a better deal out of
      your sisters for a massage, I am sure they are much
      cheaper than the "asian girls" or the

      And I think someone shit in you family gene
      Go get a life you p.o.Sh&t.

    • that management has joined a monestary and henceforth the vow of silence

    • Relax and go have a Margarita or a beer. Do you
      think for one minute that you, me, or others will the
      change course of direction of the market let alone the
      drillers? We juveniles will come to our senses when the
      action picks up. No offense meant. Please have a good
      day and best of success. I own and there is nothing I
      can do about it.

    • Juveniles is very apt. Wouldn't be afraid to
      wager a dollar or
      two that these kids don't have a
      dime in the market-so why would
      they have to know
      anything about it or about the drilling industry? If the
      one is actually celebrating his 30th birthday,
      are in deep trouble. However, I think the numerals
      three "O"
      fall into the same Wishful thinking
      category as his two degrees
      and the world traveler tag
      he has put on himself. If he's any of
      those, I'm
      a Battleship Captain. T34 B

    • Can't say that I blame you for getting out of
      PKD, Doglegs. That
      doesn't disqualify you from
      posting to the board, however. Would
      still like to
      hear from you. And thanks for giving him a good

      "send Off" LC.

      For the life of me, I can't
      understand what attracts the vulgar
      and vile to this
      board. It gets pretty hard to ignore, even
      someone as rough around the edges as myself. Being
      evidentally lends much back bone to the impure at heart.
      I fully expect a person to utter an occasional
      "shit", especially
      if they have a mouth full of it, I
      have found that even an occasional "fu--" is a poor
      replacement, indeed, for honesty and integrity. It's kind of
      like mixing manure and ice cream: all the
      mixing in
      the world doesn't make it very palatable. Oh well,
      guess manners and public decency have gone the way of
      the hat rack in the local coffee shop. We're a lot
      poorer for it. T34 B

    • Just thought I would check in and let you boys
      know that I've escaped, so don't pay the ransom! With
      that said:


      June 11, 1999

      Gulf of Mexico rig count
      increases; new rigs join drilling fleet

      The U.S. Gulf of Mexico rig count increased since
      last week, continuing
      an upward trend that began
      in April, according to Offshore Data Services�
      mobile offshore rig count.

      The two-rig
      increase in the U.S. Gulf offshore rig count since last
      week boosted the
      count to 122, its highest level
      since February. The Gulf rig count had fallen as low
      107 in April. In addition to the two-rig increase
      in the contracted rig count, one new
      rig joined
      the Gulf of Mexico fleet and another moved into the
      area. The U.S. Gulf rig
      fleet now numbers 182 rigs,
      and fleet utilization is 67.0 percent.

      European offshore rig count is unchanged from last week.
      With 86 of the region�s
      100 mobile offshore
      drilling rigs under contract, European offshore rig
      utilization is
      78.2 percent.

      Worldwide, 458
      mobile offshore drilling rigs are under contract, a net
      two-rig increase
      since last week. Three new rigs
      joined the world fleet, the result of new
      programs that began over a year ago when rig
      demand was high. The three new
      offshore rigs include
      a deepwater semisubmersible for Gulf of Mexico
      work, a
      deepwater drillship that will work offshore
      West Africa and a drilling barge that will
      work in
      shallow water in Venezuela.

      The worldwide
      drilling fleet now numbers 623 rigs. Worldwide offshore
      drilling fleet
      utilization is 73.5 percent.
      super duper pooper Scooper, Azi

    • that PKD does, has voume 100,000 more on average
      per day than PKD, has a market cap equal to PKD and
      has half the sales PKD has. pten's low for the year
      is about 2.5 and high is about 10, its $1.00 from
      its high now

    • Glad to hear you made it out ok, AZI. The white
      hat gang was on call and ready to ride as needed.
      <g> Thanks for the update on the rig count. BTW, I
      never did get that file open. This weeks BARRON's had a
      few interesting comments about this year's (the
      remainder, that is) outlook for crude oil. Of course, many
      of us had already concluded what BARRON's is now
      confirming (hopefully) i.e., that crude has seen it's lows
      and we are on a slow climb back up to a level that
      should prompt some budget revisions by the E&P's and
      some new drilling contracts being let in response to
      the increase in RFB's. Excerpts are from BARRON's
      weekly commodities column and are below [note: emphasis
      added by L.C. in a couple of places via

      >>June 14, 1999/The Lows Are In But don't look for big
      gains; By Cheryl Strauss Einhorn

      >>Is the
      multiyear bear market in commodities ending? Two important
      gauges, the Knight-Ridder Commodities Research Bureau
      Index and the Journal of Commerce Index, indicate that
      the answer may be yes.

      >>Last week, both
      made milestones. The CRB, which tracks prices of
      agricultural, energy and metals products, bumped up against its
      recent high, set on May 5, at 193.20. As for the
      industrial JOC, made up of items used by factories, it moved
      out of its two-year deflationary cycle Tuesday to hit
      its highest rate of growth since August 1997. The
      growth rate measured 0.13%, while modest, nonetheless
      represents a sea change, moving from negative into positive

      >>The jump in both of these commodity indexes comes as
      inflation worries have the Federal Reserve considering
      pushing up interest rates. The monetary authorities'
      the main driver behind the rise. If oil holds near
      current levels, up about 50% since February, it may boost
      consumer prices further.

      >>By yearend, says
      Dave Rinehimer, head of futures research at Salomon
      Smith Barney, CRUDE COULD TRADE AT $20 a barrel, or $2
      above today's quote, AS PRODUCER CUTBACKS LOWER
      SUPPLIES. But crude and its products are likely to be the
      exception, not the rule. The fundamentals of most of the
      individual components within the CRB and JOC indexes should
      be encouraging to the Fed. While prices are no
      longer falling, the upside
      for most commodities
      markets is limited for now.

      >>So while
      there's a strong case to be made that many markets have
      bottomed, the price trends may not necessarily be up, but
      rather sideways, for a few months. ###

    • .....will PKD follow?

      More confirmation of
      "consensus" building re crude from Bloomberg. URL below with
      a few excerpts

      Energy News/Sun, 13 Jun 1999, 7:19pm EDT/Crude Oil Rises
      Sixth Time in Eight Sessions on Expected Boost in
      Demand [Headline of Update]

      >>New York,
      June 11 (Bloomberg) -- Crude oil rose for the
      time in eight sessions on expectations that a jump
      demand from vacation travelers will help erode U.S.
      inventories still larger than a year

      >>Rising demand could erode U.S. gasoline inventories that
      8.4 million, or 4 percent, higher than a year ago and
      almost 10
      percent above their five-year average.
      Crude oil inventories are
      13 million barrels, or 4
      percent, below a year ago as producers
      cut supplies
      during the past year.

      >>Crude oil for July
      delivery rose as much as 29 cents, or 1.6
      percent, to
      $18.14 a barrel on the New York Mercantile
      A close at that price would be the highest in
      almost five weeks.
      Gasoline for July delivery rose as
      much as 0.72 cent, or 1.4
      percent, to 52.25 cents a

      >>In London, Brent crude oil for July was 20 cents
      higher, or
      1.2 percent, at $16.27 a barrel, on the
      International Petroleum
      Exchange. Heating oil for July rose
      as much as 0.91 cent, or 2.1
      percent, to 43.65
      cents a gallon, in New York.

      "..., demand for
      gasoline so far this year has been
      less than expected.
      Gasoline consumption dropped by 9 percent
      last week to
      7.9 million barrels a day, even though the
      included Memorial Day weekend, the traditional start of
      season, according to the American Petroleum Institute.
      That's the
      first time demand was below 8 million
      barrels since the week
      ended April

      >>Still, demand is expected to surge for gasoline this
      forcing refiners to bid higher for diminishing supplies
      of oil.
      Analysts also expect normal heating oil
      demand in the fourth
      quarter after two winters that
      were warmer than normal.

      >>Tellez [Note:
      Mexican Energy Secretary] said that he expects crude oil
      prices to rise by as much as $4 a barrel as inventories
      are depleted after a year-long glut. Tellez said his
      target price for Brent crude was $18 to $20 a barrel.
      That would translate into New York crude prices at $20
      to $22 a barrel.

      >>Tellez, along with
      oil ministers from Saudi Arabia and
      helped organize a series of pledges last year to
      world oil supplies by 7 percent. Prices are up 69
      percent since
      falling to a 12-year low of $10.35 a
      barrel for West Texas
      Intermediate, the benchmark
      crude oil traded in New York.

      April 1998, more than 5 million barrels of oil
      been cut from daily supplies as part of agreements by
      Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries and
      Mexico, Norway, Oman and Russia.

      >>OPEC has
      met 91 percent of its promised cuts, according
      Bloomberg estimates. Mexico, which agreed to cut 325,000
      a day, boasts that it has complied completely and
      has reduced its
      3 million barrels of daily output
      by 11 percent.

      >>Prices also have been
      rising since Wednesday because of a
      threatened strike
      by Venezuela's largest oil worker

      >>Some traders are buying in case a strike disrupts
      and boosts prices.
      ``We could be in a world of
      hurt if there's a strike,'' said
      John Kilduff,
      senior vice president of energy risk management
      Fimat USA Inc. in New York. ###

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