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  • manboking manboking Jun 17, 1999 7:40 PM Flag

    Food for Thought

    Excellent posting we completed a
    very bullish formation from the candlestick charts
    called a "T",
    this is not a football formation, and

    just in case if this dog does not turn around
    Got me a couple of Vodoo dolls,
    one with Parker
    the other with Juniors photo, and
    got some pins handy and ready.

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      you just can't have any fun anymore. i was going to
      get a new yahoo i.d. and i typed in all the phony bs
      and then, of course the id i wanted was taken, no big
      deal, i just put an underscore _ after it, but yahoo
      says no underscores allowed at the end, so i tried in
      front, again no longer possible, i tried 2 consecutive
      underscores in the middle, again not possible. i guess i'll
      have to try shortbusters trick of putting a one in the
      word for an l.

      that is a fairly recent change
      because someone on the AXP board (probably LCBard) has a
      red_ant__ with 2 underscores and caused me a small amount
      of grief

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